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  1. A real ninja don't kill - silence gameplay

    Real ninjas kill
  2. Special kill for nightmare style

    You can try to add a special move like adding a mark to the killed guard to scare enemies
  3. Failed to start game (missing executable)

    When you start the game it shows you a file is missing?
  4. Suggestion: Distract Items

    New Distract Item: Blinding Dart • Blinding Dart: Throws a dart that blinds the enemy for 5 seconds. Any guards near the blinded target will be distracted.
  5. Lost all saves.

    Are you playing with Steam? However there are no codes for the game.
  6. Just wanted to share my speedrun

    Epic run
  7. Path of the Mark Speed Run

    Man i am amazed how fast you are
  8. Suggestion: Tattoo Maker

    I would be awesome to customize your character by adding more tattoos.
  9. Favourite Costume?

    Thread abandoned.