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  1. Many things aren't nessesary in this game for progression as of yet, but they can be acquired very easily.I simply stated, always from my point of view that the krampus sack should have a higher chance to drop.If you took the time to carefully read my text without being somehow offended and using this aggressive tone wich I don't find nessesary at all, you could easily see that i'm simply suggesting a slight change on numbers based on personal opinion.Yes no one forces me to farm it and well wiki's could be very misleading without proper info but still.I simply don't see how this droprate benefits anyting as of this moment.If you think that a luxury item such as this must be farmed to this point based on luck, then I don't know.Noone wants to spend 30 days killing innocent animals just to get a luxury item.In my case I want the sack.Its texture is awesome and it gives 2 more slots.Why should it be so hard to acquire?
  2. Its fairly easy to summon krampus even after the update.I can summon atleast one each day using various methods but the thing that's bothering me is the krampus sack droprate.Thats the reason that i'm farming him and having killed more than 30 in total without yielding a singe sack makes it worthless.I mean 1% droprate? might aswell remove it.The idea should have been more focused on new players exploring the game and finding a krampus like an easter egg that the devs mentioned, with a higher chance to drop the sack like maybe 20% or even higher would be perfect.Its just 2 more slots and a lot cooler look.Why make it so hard to aquire? We're not competing its a single player game.Wilson with the 16 day magnificent beard,winter hat and krampus sack gives a santa feeling.Make it count.