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  1. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Continue Button Gone After Stuck Death Screen Steps to reproduce 1. Get your character killed 2. Game freezes / crashes so that you can't exit the "you died" screen (no buttons work) 3. Eventually give up and force quit the game 4. Restart computer and Steam, then play Don't Starve again Describe your issue This is somewhat similar to other problems with the continue button that others on here have described. In my case, the continue button disappeared after I had to force-quit Don't Starve due to a frozen death screen: when my character died, none of the buttons (i.e. "Retry") worked. The graphics and sound effects were still working in the background, so the entire game wasn't frozen, but I had to force-quit anyway because there was no other way to exit the death screen or resume playing. Afterwards, I restarted Steam and my computer (since clicking "Play" in Steam was giving me an error message saying that the application was already opened). Now when I go to play Don't Starve, my continue button is gone. I can start a new game, which makes sense since I just died, but I wasn't sure whether the continue button is intended to go missing under these circumstances. Thanks! P.S. If this is too similar to other continue button issues to warrant a new thread, then I apologize, and can someone please move it where it belongs? Thanks again!