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  1. forgot to mention: i saved the game aafter getting stuck and left / reloaded i could continue playing after that as i wasnt stuck anymore
  2. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title weapon change in sleep - stuck Steps to reproduce change/equip/unequip weapon while going to sleep Describe your issue i managed to get stuck in sleep (lying on the straw roll, not able to move or do anything) because of a weapon change trying to reproduce it myself to give a better description has failed, cant seem to reproduce it again, or im forgetting something basicly: i used the straw roll and unequiped my torch (i guess i unequiped it, trying to save its durability) and got stuck that way i cant really remember how i managed to do it cuz i wasnt looking for bugs or anything so i wasnt paying that much attention. i might have swapped it with another weapon or something slightly different from just unequipping it if anyone is able to reproduce this, can you post how?