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  1. Ok, forget the +6 slots, that might be too many. +4 would still have you having to make tough decisions when accessing. Krampus takes a long time to get to and I think the rarity of him should allow for a non-rare drop. I think common would be at 30% to 50% drop rate... increasing to the 50% the more times you've encountered him. Rare would be 3% to 5%... increasing to the 5% the more times you've encountered him. By the time you've possibly encountered Krampus and get a sack, you've probably already have multiple bases and transporting stuff isn't that critical.
  2. It would be nice to look inside the sack without equipping.
  3. It should spawn more frequently. 2 extra slots isn't a lot. Maybe it could spawn extra slots and that would be rare. +2 = common +4 = rare +6 = extremely rare
  4. When looking at the research windows, the game should pause. I've personally spent several in-game days trying to look at what all I can build/research.