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  1. So i like the size of the new map i generated and it has tons of resources albeit tons of spider nests as well. But the coding as far as bridges and there placement might require a look i died before i completed the map but here is a picture. So many bridges when land masses are so close i can see them.(Still love the game.) Ok now to the suggestions. 1. I know the game is trying to kill me but would it be possible to have the trees have a chance to drop a pine cone when they hit the dead stage so that we can build up a stock for when we decide to murder trees till a guardian decided the genocide must stop? 2. It seems silly that i cant when my backpack on the back of my armor or amulet. (mind you i am aware the armor amulet would be OP and make the danger pointless.) My suggestion is to have an armor slot and backpack slot. the armor slot is where the amulet goes as well so you can have one or the other not both. 3. Please please i like more pokey things like everyone else but i like anti pokey things to add stone and gold armor...and weapons so i don't have to sac 5 pigs to get a spike. That is it thanks for making a great game and even in beta it runs great and is fun as hell.