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  1. Box the nest in with grass walls and torch it, the flaming walls will kill the nest and all the spiders in it.
  2. Achievements can be useful when used as a tutorial of sorts.Inane things like building a science machine and killing 3 hounds with a spear help direct players early game because new players will get a popup telling them that their going in the right direction. They are also useful for hinting at things like Krampus who I have never seen and probably never will see unless I go so far out of my way to summon him that he's already achievement worthy.Then there is also the metrics part of it, like finding out how many people survived a week in game or actually got round to finishing story mode.
  3. I'd concider myself an Adventurer of all things.A camp will be set up but it'll usually be at a nice crossroads instead of resources. If you find a good road then your never more than a days trip to any resource on the map.
  4. I found one beefalo on my current map, it was standing in a savannah biome that barely filled the screen.Luckily beefalo reproduce asexually and it turned into 8~ beefalo in a few days.
  5. I assumed he was French because he says that frogs legs are a delicacy in 'his country'.Wes also has a very French backdrop, so I'm assuming that a French circus has run amok of Maxwell at some point.
  6. I'm also not fussed on the idea that the older food is the less stamina it restores. Stale food doesn't become less filling or nutritious, it's just stale. There is a very fine line between safe to eat and food poisoning though, so I'd be fine with food being either fresh or ruined. Ruined food, unless tossed into a compost bin or dug into the ground should attract hounds and spiders, Wilson with his pockets full of rotting meat and veggies would be quite... pungent. Of course root veggies should last for ages if tossed in a chest, like 30 in game days or something, where as meat that's left on the ground should be spoiled and maggoty in one.
  7. Meat effigies already let you do this. If you survive 16 days as Wilson and shave, you will have enough beard hair to create two effigies providing you have the other resources. If your character dies then they will respawn at a meat effigy, your camp will be completely intact and all your gear will be where you died, except the food because chances are whatever killed you ate it. Wilson can get two effigies at day 16 with an epic beard, or a single effigy after 12 days by shaving a scruffy beard (8 days) and a stubble beard (4 days). Only Wilson is able to grow the required beard hair for effigies.
  8. Sounds like your overhunting them. Most things in game currently run off a 3 day timer, berries, grass and saplings regrow in 3 days, pigs respawn in 3 days so it wouldn't surprise me if rabbits also respawned in 3 days, so you should probably start looking for other food sources. If you find a beefalo herd or feed berries to pigs you can get manure to start farming, or if your feeling up to the challange you can steal a tallbird egg and raise yourself a hunting companion, the small bird is quite adept at hunting all the red birds and crows for a near endless supply of morsels. And if worse comes to worse you can always chase birds for seeds to roast.
  9. Destroying nests is the best way to get silk. Grab yourself a weapon and a log suit, whack the nest once then kill the guards, repeat until no more guards spawn then chop down the nest. Spider queens create additional nests so there should always be small nests on the map for easy silk. As for honey, honey is a high health low stamina food that functions as the games health potion. Several crock pot meals will heal more but they are limited to one per inventory square where as honey stacks.
  10. Every time you smack the spiders nest it will spawn a set of 3-4~ guards, so if your equipped with a manly spear and log suit then you should be perfectly safe by running up and smacking a nest once, butchering the guards and repeating the whole thing untill all the spiders in the nest are dead. Otherwise, fire. Plant a pinecone or two next to the nest then make an out of control camp fire as close to them as possible, you'll torch the nest but you won't get any drops out of it.
  11. The last true death I suffered because I built a fire to spend the night in a spider infested swamp only to have one of the little vermin come too close. I found out the hard way that spiders lose their fear of the light when stabbed.I have suffered an uber-death, day 35~ and I tried to get Wilson to enjoy a hearty meal at the exact same time the game was trying to save, crashed the game, crashed steam and royally screwed the save file.
  12. I felt the game was more fun when I was still unlocking things because I had to balance gathering food and resources to survive, and gathering things for research to progress. I'm not entirely sure how a prototype system will cut down on grind either, at the worst case 3x cost to prototype something, it would cost the player 36 logs (10~ trees) to build their first chest, or require them to shave 16 beefalo to get a hat. Not exactly cutting down on grind.Personally I'd have the research divided up into tiers;Tier 0 is where new players start, with pretty much zip like they do now.Tier 1 would have flint tools and spear, straw mat, science machine, rabbit trap, straw hat, camp fire, torch and the basic farm plot.Tier 2 is everything else you can unlock via the science machine.Tier 3 is what you can unlock via the alchemy engine.The first time you start the game the player starts with absolutely nothing, at tier 0, just as they do now only with monster progression put on hold until the player builds their first science machine, spiders won't upgrade, hounds won't turn up and what not. Once the player has built a science machine, hounds won't turn up for 10 days unless the player researches the spear, at which point they turn up at their normal frequency.When the player dies and starts a new game, then they'll start with what ever tier 1 items they unlocked, but not tiers 2 and 3.To counter out the fact that you have to research the more advanced things every game, I'd make it so the more you use the basics, the cheaper they get. Every time you break a flint axe, the golden axe gets 10% cheaper, every time you grow a veggie on a basic plot, the speedy plot gets 5% cheaper, to a minimum of 40% total cost. As the game progresses and more things are added, then the player could chose in free play mode which tech tier they would like to start in, and everything that they have researched in prior games, up to and including that tier would be available at start.I don't feel that the game is more fun when you have everything unlocked, because currently you can skip the basics and have a set of turbo farms and a crock pot up and running within about 3 in game days, which sucks about 80% if the fun and difficulty out of the game since you then have the best food and healing items available pretty much from the get go.
  13. I do when farming dragon fruit requires you to build 4~ turbo farms and a bird cage when I could just go stab a frog which spawns twice a day.
  14. Froggle Bunwich is a more easily accessable recipy than dragon pie, 1 Frogs legs and 3 cooked berries. Stuffed eggplant is also good if you have a few farms, the common carrots and corn for filler, the eggplant and an easily found monster meat. Both of them heal 50~ health and restore 70~ stamina.
  15. Froggle Bunwich, Dragon Pie and Stuffed Eggplant form my survival basics. Froggle Bunwich, 1 easily found frog legs + 3 cooked berries. Stuffed Eggplant is 1 eggplant, 1 monster meat and 2 random other veggies, no chewing required. Dragon Pie, 1 dragon fruit and 3 berries, also no chewing needed so it's perfect for combat. Haven't actually seen a dragon fruit since the patch though. All heal 45~ health and restore 70~ stamina. For a game called 'Don't Starve', my character eats rather well.