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  1. Nanthiel

    Shank 2 for Linux

    I used 'tar -xf $fname' in the shell. But I tried it again now and I do get the same error that was mentioned. I must have been so eager to play the game before that I simply ignored output.
  2. Nanthiel

    Shank 2 for Linux

    I had no problems unpacking the archive. But seems it's a more common issue than the missing file. I don't know why I didn't get an error. Will update the title.
  3. Nanthiel

    Shank 2 for Linux

    Hello! I downloaded Shank 2 from the Humble Bundle 7 page, and I must be crazy or something, but I can't find an actual executable for Shank 2 in my .tar.gz download. There's just library files and resources. How do I run it? Thank you, Nanthiel