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  1. Hi there!I really love the new update - right now you can feel the survival character of the game. Many people complain about difficulty which in my opinion is just fine. But...Game needs some tweaks that might in my opinion improve it a lot without huge effort to developers. Here are my ideas:1. Tent: right now is a useless item. Let change it that way: no regenerations but for example 5-10 uses. Make it expensive but worth making. Tired of making straw rolls? Here's the solution. Also it would be great to see it as a bag or something so we can make it and take it wherever we want. Now when we have winter - great idea for people who love to make temporary camps in some efficient areas:)2. Making our character weaker was a good idea but making armor less efficient not. Instead of nerfing the armor there should be just another - significantly more expensive and stronger one. 3. Smallbirds - now they are just a waste of time. Let change it that way: Let it be our companion (just one at once) till it dies in combat. Make it stronger than pig but not to powerful. It would be nice to see our "child" fighting along us. If we can hire few pigs to make it easier why can't we have one bird with us?4. Game needs rare craftable items that will be very useful. I see it as a "Diablo" system. Here is my examples:- bow - craftable but only from few ingredients that can be only dropped by mobs (based on luck/make it rare) when you collect it you can build your bow with some amount of uses. (arrows could be craftable with known ingredients)- saw to chop tree faster - rare ingredients from mobs - some amount of usues.- mount - you need to find a very rare egg or smth. It gives you slightly more moving speed - limited time of use (number of days)That are just some quick ideas. I know that developers vision is to make game as a challenge and I understand that. I like it much more when is harder, but why add some items that are very useful and make your survival easier but make them hard to find, make etc. Game needs goals like that. 5. Water needs to be implemented to the game. Water indicator that shows your hydration. Water could be obtained with some inventions - like farms - simple - less efficient and impresive ones. Of course those more effective should be very expensive.I'm very satisfied with the game right now because of the difficulty but please consider those solutions mentioned. Add useful items that gives players a real boost but make then really hard to obtain. Those items should have limited time of use to maintain constant challenge. Love your work Klei. cheers!
  2. Great update, thank you! This game in my opinion lives because of those updates - I'm afraid what will be in the future when they will stop? Now I se some issues that I think should be fixed: - meals based on meat should be more efficient than those prepared with vegetables - smallbirds should have added option that we could order them to stay somewhere intead of following, because when you've got 140 or some days it's impossible to survice hounds attack without losing you bird. Also I think it would be nice if they could stay with us and be strong enough to fight with enemies - not to easy but helpful - and of course limited to on at once. - dapper vest - cost some nice materials like tooths and spider webs but give nothing? - tooth traps are in my opinion too weak - i was running in their direction with some hounds on my back - and they triggered like 6 traps and it did nothing to them. Right now for me tooth traps are good only for rabbits but not for protection. - seeds spoil? Why?
  3. Hello! First of all I must say that "Don't Starve" is absolutely fantastic and addictive game! Great job, idea and lots of potential upgrades. My ideas for the game at the momment: 1. Most of the people I know playing like to make a base camp, where they have most of their stuff. We definitely need PALISADE WALLS to protect our land:) 2. Another idea is a DEFENSIVE HOUND or wolf we could tame so it could protect our camp and for example bark when some danger approaches:) 3. We need some kind of MULE or other animal that can carry our stuff on trips. 4. We need more FARMING POSSIBILITIES like hens, maybe cows?? 5. But Mainly there should be more diversity to the land we visit and some goals for trips. We need to go on adventures to gather some rare materials protected by dangerous monsters. The more possible research ideas and materials they need to be done the better. So we need to leave our camp and go for trip to find and get some rare materials. 6. More MONSTERS and WEAPONS (Bow is a great idea). 7. Many people talked about weather conditions and temperature meter in order to survive. This is a great idea. 8. Let us build SHELTERS like simple home, so we could survive in bad weather conditions. That weather idea can be moved forward to possibility to get sick and heal by some special herb recepture. That are only few ideas that would spice up the game. I hope that developers know the potential that game has and will use it to make a very extended game. I know that the starting project was probably to make a simple game, but I think it woluld be a hit game (and selling game) if it will be able to force player to spend more time in the game. Please devs consider at least some of the ideas mentioned. Good luck and thank you for your hard work:) sampol