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  1. I had a jumping spider chase me to the pig hangout.. jump at me and land on pig king's head unable to move... Pig King now loves me because I made him his first ever spider hat w/ moving parts! ... somewhat thinking of lighting the spider on fire just to see what happens
  2. They used to have these kinds of ciphers in the daily paper next to the crossword where you would solve a famous quote by swapping the letters. I miss those... bring on more ciphers!
  3. Thank you for the positive comments. I apologize from the giant walls of text... I do believe essay writing and being thoroughly truly sunk in when I was going through schooling I just thought of something else I wanted to add after catching up on the comments and I can see where Kuse82 is coming from and also you Wilson. Something that has changed in gaming and in a way I sort of blame it on the popularity of WoW (can I say that here or is there a no-naming rule?) What I mean is with that game growing to a player base of millions and also effectively expanding the age range of gamers a few (what I consider detrimental) problems have come from that game alone. The player mentality that if it is too hard and we complain enough they will make it easier... This is the plague ruining some of modern gaming today. If you go back and are old enough think about playing console games... early Zelda or Final Fantasy (yes diff genre then this but I promise I will make my points) Those games you just purchased, you played it through, most people I know enjoyed them a lot and you never were in the mindset of - I'm stuck this is too hard... im going to write a letter to get them to change it and make it easier - it was never a thought... I'd stop playing or I'd think harder and figure my way through the puzzle or tough spot. That self-motivated think for yourself attitude has in a sense died off in some of the younger generations and post-WoW gamer generation. It took down the difficulty of many many mmorpgs that were challenging and now most are now streamlined vs an old DAoC or EQ where you really had to explore and make friends to survive. (Yes this game is very different in genre but lets look at the mentality) The same can be said for the outcry at the ending of ME3 which bioware changed due to complaints (this should never happen people should accept the game for the game that the devs designed). Gamers are somewhat accustomed to "easy" games now. They want to get it and beat it fast. To be the first to max cap or the first ones done and this game is far far far from that sort of game play. To play this game slowly and carefully is to fully experience it. But you will have that mindset of "win win win fast fast fast" migrating over only to be diluted by "what do I do now and where is my guideline or set of rules" - you broke their mold and now they either adapt or they don't continue playing (but we are focusing on how to keep them playing and gaining customers - I got to keep in mind Klei's bottom line with how we want the game to develop - they stop making money we stop receiving the awesome game/updates we have come to love. However conversely to keep this game up and running you have to cater in a way to some of those players... they make up a HUGE % of the gaming community now and in order to make sales and keep things afloat sadly sometimes you gotta give them a bit of the "easy-mode" that is somewhat my theory behind my previous posting, with having options or a possible hint system that could be enabled/disabled to be that "guide" these types of players are used to. Personally give me some old school Baldures(sp?) Gate or Mist and I will rack my brain for hours in pure pleasure of solving the puzzle. But that is my style and to be successful Klei has to work all the angles. League of legends is a good example of a very very easy learning curve to enter the game and get playing but it has an extremely hard learning curve to play very well - That community has become very volatile because the game itself did not do a good job of helping the player base grow with the game and learn properly and you see a lot of angry users and dissent with the game even thought they are making a killing with it currently. As I said I realize some of my points are on completely different genres of game types and game play but you gotta remember most of the gamers' mindsets won't change game to game. I hope this helps put some things into a bit more perspective when we think about too easy vs too hard and factor in the need for Klei to continue to grow the player base to keep this game up and running. Thanks for reading. comments and replies always welcome. while i was posting someone else made the post (sorry i couldn't work the quote maker lol) - Below is the short of what I was trying to get at and not to refute how they feel but to an extent you need to appeal to that bigger market and the difficulty of the game should be the attractive nature to play it but at the same time if you help new players out with the learning curve and they enjoy the game you have another user forever and this can easily roll over into other games created by Klei not just DS. But below is truly one of the most difficult things to deal with in the gaming industry in today's society. "Too little games have that nowadays in order to "appeal to a bigger audience" and that's exactly one of the things that's wrong with the current generation of video games."
  4. This is the beta test for the sanity meter... can we handle waiting on the sanity meter without losing our own sanity!!!! evillaugh
  5. Okay I'll start off saying I attempted to read this whole section but I didnt get through all the posts so my apologies if I double up some things prev said. My thoughts on the difficulty stem from 2 large differences in the player base which have already been somewhat pointed out. You have the brand new fresh beginners and then you have the vets who have played and replayed and grown with the updates that have been released. Myself personally, I am a HUGE gamer from all genres and was gifted this game by a friend. (loved it so much bought my brother and friends copies too - gotta support the devs ) Now I noticed some major things when we all first started playing.... initially I died .. a lot - I had no clue of the tentacles or how to find/get manure from beefalo originally until I came to the forum... I would start off - grab random items eat some stuff stab a few things and hope I didn't get killed at night by the hounds cause I had no clue how to fight them. So as an experienced gamer who just jumped right in it was actually somewhat difficult to figure out. Once I did get it figured out and the hang of it the first couple of play throughs to day 100 / 150 were extremely fun and still very challenging (I had a lot to explore and a huge base to build/setup - now know I could replant things to create a 'base') My brother and friends had a similar experience adjusting to the game and first digging in. Now we come to the part where we have all gotten the hang of it and the challenge slowly starts to disappear and you get a good base and a strong feel for how to fight the monsters etc. A key part to balancing the difficulty I believe would be a way to 'select' a difficulty mode if this could be possible - difficulty modes could potentially be based on: size of the world, amount of resources available, certain features that might or might not occur (such as sanity meter or winter when they are released) and maybe even an option to have shorter days and longer nights might make for a fun experience. (I have setup a trail of campfires to travel at night to various locations to not waste daylight running) I think a feature that would possibly enable or disable some of the feature sets could really help the game from a "difficulty" standpoint and would be a nice way to help introduce beginners and also let vets amp their game up. With extreme setting maybe you start getting hounds by night 5 or something and you start in winter with limited resources to gather so the vets that feel things might be too easy or have too much time to form a nice base and food supply really would have to stay on their toes. As a programmer myself I am trying to look at this from a viewpoint that wouldn't take a lot of time from developing the game further or potentially turning away future users due to not being able to easily jump into the game. If some of the feature sets are modular (which would be my guess to some extent since they are loaded in different patches) it might be possible to make these different feature sets "toggle on/off" for a change in difficulty. I'd be curious to know if people agree or disagree with this type of difficulty setup or if you feel that by being able to "create or customize" the world you are playing in takes away from part of the learning experience or excitement of the game. As it stand early game 1-45 seems pretty solid for new players to adjust and get a good feel. 50-75 is moderate - if you aren't prepared this can be difficult but if you created a nice stockpile and a decent base it isn't very bad and gives you a lot of time to explore. 100+ personally starts to get more challenging but mostly due to masses of hounds and I have countered that with multiple firepits around my base so I can kite better. Happy hunting!! Looking forward to hearing replies - please no flames/rage however I am more than happy to hear any sensible criticisms pro or con for my ideas. PS after thought - just noticed the post about a tutorial and in a sense that might be too much "hand-holding" in a way but I would wonder if it would be possible to implement some form of maybe tips or hints system. Where if someone hasn't yet come in contact with a certain item like manure and they are already on day 10-15 then in most cases they just don't know where it comes from or how to get it (was my problem for awhile - i could never find the beefalo) maybe some bird that flies by or (i forgot his name) the guy that loads you into the game when you start new - could drop in and say some form of "hint" (Wilson there is a foul growing stench coming from the SE you should investigate that) and in a way it might lead a newer player to some pigs or beefalo manure. Just quick thought.
  6. Steam Sales soooo many Breaking from DS - I have been catching up on some of my MTG2013, a whole lot of soloQQ grinding in league, and just got Borderlands 2!! (Anyone want to play - it is much more fun co-op than solo) Anyone else find any good Steam sales or fun games to pass the time?
  7. With how easy it is to keep up with the food supply it would almost be nice if the items were structured a bit differently. Gain is very little from uncooked / raw food. Gain is let's say 25% greater from cooking the pieces. Gain is 40% greater for creating something using all positive resources (from what I have read using a lot of twigs or monster meat can negatively affect the hp modifier? - please correct if I am stating this wrong) and maybe add in something fun like different characters might have a random chance at certain food items having a "bonus" for that character that might say give the item a 60% greater return on hp/hunger. This might aim people to focus more on generating higher quality foods than stock piling and masses food items? I feel like we should aim for quality over quantity and this game could easily get boring / burn-out from just having to mass stockpile food vs more exploration / defense survival tactics. (Maybe just stock-piling for winter season as they build onto that aspect?) --- Just some ideas would love to hear what others think.
  8. I've kept a few different saves along the way at different points in the game to swap in and out during these updates. I find that this latest update seems to fit in really well to the difficulty around days 20-40 after about 40 the food situation and resources are pretty simple to stock pile if you keep up with it. However the difficulty and danger aspect seems to be much harder than it was before around this time and is actually very enjoyable. I haven't tested much yet from day 40-60 or the 60-90 range yet. But any more info from that aspect is welcomed.
  9. Thanks for all the replies mates! That does make more sense now and I didn't initially notice any of the hounds were different than the others cause I got attacked at night with minimal fire going. It does now make sense to where the red gem came from
  10. So I was in my little base camp and got invaded by the dog looks monsters that usually come at night and rush up in a small pack... I was able to kill 1-2 of them and then mid fight near my field of grasses and twigs all of a sudden everything caught on fire and burnt all my crops and some of the monster dog thing (sorry I just don't know the proper name for them). Now I can't figure out how or why anything caught on fire? Do they do that on occasion or do they burst into fire when they die and that triggered it? I was only using my spear / logsuit and football helmet... Thanks for any information or feedback. Trying to figure out if I need to fight them away from my camp or if it was a fluke or potential bug that should be reported. Loving this game ~ any info is appreciated. Thanks and happy surviving!
  11. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number Lates Issue title Died - Floating Items Steps to reproduce Was in a large cluster of trees packed tightly together. Treeguard spawned and killed me. Dropped my items but I re-spawned with meat effigy. Upon attempting to retrieve the dropped items a stack of Twigs was stuck floating in the air. I tried to clear the area of all the rest of the trees and dig up the stumps, but was still unable to pickup the item. Wilson tried to pick up the item but it said he could not reach it. Describe your issue Full rundown of how it occurred: I was in the middle of a large cluster of trees closely packed together. Midway through chopping a tree the treeguard spawned - I was holding spacebar and looking away and got killed. I had a meat effigy so no problem I re-spawned. When I went to go retrieve my old items I had a full stack of the twigs stuck midair - It looked as if it was stuck on a tree so i cut down all the trees in the area and dug up the stumps to clear the space. Edit: Just to update I noticed that after I had logged out of that current game and back into the same world those items that were stuck were then on the ground and I was able to re-acquire them.