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  1. I too am color blind and also have this issue. The other area I have issue is I cannot tell the difference between the red and brown hounds. Games that offer color blind mode often do so by just adding a variance to the mode. For example with the tree instead of grey and red, the red highlight may also have lines in it like red and darker red so it kinda has the look of a barbers pole. This way even if we can't see the change from red and grey we can see the change from grey to grey bars. For hounds it would likely require them to be different in some way, make their skin slight more hairy or give them different eyes, people like myself that miss the color queue on mobs will notice the different artwork. With the above approaches a colorblind mode isn't even needed since it doesn't change or detract from normal color vision it's just made in a way that suits both. A perfect example of how it is done well is like the seeds. Eggplant seed have an eggplant in their graphic instead of being the same seed icon with a slightly different color. It works for all player regardless of vision type.
  2. I agree, my game has turned into "Don't Overeat"
  3. The other option is to add a check routine, if tree exist you can have it check again later and to prevent a forever checking pine cone have it decay after 3 checks.
  4. I like the idea of a round robin mode where you are in a map with a random character and when you die you get a new one from the roster. This could be a fun mode and you could have a leader board for length survived as each character on the same island. I wouldn't want this to be the only mode, it would just be an interesting mechanic you could choose to play.
  5. Hey guys, First off I love this game! Second, I didn't know about the feeding birds (but do now) and was trying forever to see what use the cage had, which is what brought me here. I built it thinking that it would let me farm feathers. So that's my idea. I think that having a pet bird would be a great way to farm feathers. It could be done similar to honey in that you need to use paper on the cage once ever few days to clean the cage. Doing this would result in a chance to get feathers that fell out of your bird. the cage could look visually dirty to indicate it's cleaning time. The other option was what I actually tired. Hit the cage with a hammer to scare/shake a feather out of your pet. This could be considered naughty and if done more then once a day kill the bird? Cheers- Saber