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  1. Now that idea I wouldn't mind that is actually kind of interesting.
  2. Maybe little grass mobs that have a chance of popping out when picking grass with hand or shovel and the only way around them are with the sickle?
  3. sorry but Grue out-weighs Slendy in my opinion
  4. I would love to play this character such a good idea maybe a back view of both models with maybe the demon having a short stubby tail O...o
  5. 3 things that i would love to see in the game with winter being added? is the rhino someone made and yeti and just make a different version of the yeti so it looks like bigfoot have yeti aggressive and bigfoot non aggressive and i think ive seen monkeys being worked on O..o
  6. Simple solution don't freaking use them.....
  7. Ok so hear me out on this crazy idea O...o Giant African Snails that are non-aggressive unless you stand near/around them for a x amount of time or attack them, they move slow but hit hard , and when killed drop meat(s), slime that can be used for a trap like object that slows mobs that run into it and, a shell/shell fragment(s) that can be used to make a suit of armor and helmet that have a pretty good duration also make them have a good bit of health so they arent as easy to kill as a normal mob and to prevent "hit n run" tactics make them have a effect that if they hit you they slow you because of the slime ALSO LASTLY let RARE snail eggs spawn that can be hatched which you guessed it hatches a snail that when it fully grows can be used as moving chest type deal but it moves slowly but not as slow as a wild snail so if you take it with you, you need to make sure you stay near it or it will wonder off with your stuff !!