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  1. How do you backup your save file if you bought the game using the Google Chrome Web Store?
  2. Does anyone know how to backup a game if you bought it using the Google Chrome Web Store?
  3. Thank you! I wouldn't mind however the Devs want to do it, whether auto-save like it is now or manual, either way. As long as it loads from a save point. Either way is fine in my opinion. This may happen but it's ok, in my opinion. This is a great idea! Fine with me.
  4. How do you backup your save file? If someone would be kind enough to point this out to me, I'll stop coming on the forum. Thank you.
  5. When I first started playing at THE VERY BEGINNING, it was PLAYABLE. I bought if because it was fun to play. I had no idea it was going to turn into this flipping game of who has the bigger rooster, if you catch my drift...
  6. No, I think the game is TOO HARD. I play for relaxation. That's why there would be TWO modes.
  7. I AM ALL FOR THIS IDEA! It's not fair if you want to play the game, and paid money for it, and now it's too damn hard to play. It's bullshit! I'm sick of dying and why the hell am I playing this game, working so hard to save up supplies, then I get stuck in a tree and the hounds get me at the most inopportune moment, and then months worth of play (in the game) are wasted and disappear like THAT. I HAD PLANS. It's ******* annoying.
  8. No! The game is not fun that way. If you people want to join an elite team where the game is ridiculously hard, go ahead, but make a separate mode for other people like me who miss the ORIGINAL game and how easy it was... I don't play for the same reasons you do, obviously... but don't ruin it for me! Stop it! How about TWO MODES - one SURVIVAL (for you crazy people) and another EXPLORE (for people like me who want to use this to unwind, not get more frustrated)! Please. I already paid money for the beta and I'm beginning to regret it.
  9. I like Don't Starve. I really do. But what is keeping me from LOVING it, and might even stop me from playing it in the future... is that every time you die, you have to restart. I know some people like the challenge, but for me this makes the game annoying and frustrating, instead of fun. So, I propose... TWO MODES. 1. SURVIVAL - In this mode you challenge yourself to survive as long as you can, and when you die, you stay dead and have to restart... just like the game currently is. 2. EXPLORE - In this mode, you can SAVE your game... but not just that. If you die, you can LOAD YOUR GAME from the last SAVE. This allows you to play more casually, explore more of the map and get farther in the game without making the game your enemy. For people who want the game to be easier. If you like the game the way it is, just select Survival mode.
  10. When starting the game, I do not have access to the Refinement category (with the diamond picture) or the Clothes category (with the hat picture). Why? Is it based on how long you play or do I have a bug?