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  1. Show us your camp!

    Dislike winter as well, I really see no point of it and might as well turn it off, but I really dont know why I still love it. Its really useless, all you need to do is chop a couple of boards and there you go. winter done.
  2. Show us your camp! Not the best, but it'll do for day 25...right?
  3. Day 97 with Woodie. Winter had started. I was sorta roaming around. Lureplants, I wasnt really afraid of. Killed it, had semi-low health because I had backpack on and only football DOGS COME and theres like what felt like 20 of them. Couldnt take them on, died. Respawned like 2-3 times from touchstones. Those died from freezing...
  4. Character aging?

    This could work, if in options, you could set it to 4 modes. 0, 1, 2, and 3. 0-Off. 1-Cosmetic. 2-Slight debuffs. 3-Full debuffs.
  5. There's not much to hunt with. So here's a few ideas. -The Sword. The only crafting recipe i can think of is... 20 stones, 1 flint, and 1 twig? The damage would be around 2 hits for a spider. -THE GOLDEN SWORD. (similar to sword.) Instead of 20 stones, its 6 gold nuggets. (1 for the handle) 1 hit for a spider. some ranged weapons would be nice. heres some ideas. -Bow. 1 silk, 3 twigs. You can make arrows with 2 twigs and 1 flint. -Golden bow. 4 golden nuggets. Golden arrows: 1 golden nugget, and 2 twigs. -Slingshot. You can use rocks as ammunition. It is made with 3 twigs. -THE GUN. This takes 1000 research points It is made with 20 rocks, (the base and trigger and other things like sight) 5 golden nuggets (just to make it more expensive recipe) gunpowder, and springs. (gunpowder is obtained by random, like flint. Springs are found on the ground randomly too, both are extremely rare, only found on islands like 4 and 5th islands.) (the gun makes it seem like nothing like a gun what you would see
  6. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Buttons after death not working Steps to reproduce Start a game. Die at any point. Buttons don't work. Describe your issue It seems after the first time I died in this game, the buttons after death don't seem to work. I always have to exit the game by force.