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  1. Ah, the problem was I enabled too many of the Native Client modules. Fixed it by disabling "Native Client hardware exception handling".
  2. So I've been trying to get the demo to run on Chrome to see if it'll work if I buy it. I finally got the program to install by doing what this guy did. Now, though, it's stuck on Loading Executable. I've restarted Chrome, even restarted the computer, with no luck. I know people have gotten it working in the past with Native Client, and am wondering if someone's encountered this issue and gotten past it.
  3. For some reason this didn't show up when I first googled the message, but this solved my problem.
  4. It looks like Native Client should be automatically used for running purposes. Anyone know what makes Google Chrome say that my computer isn't supported? I know others have gotten Ubuntu to work, and Mint is hardly different.
  5. The setup instructions are for if you actually want to write such programs. Do I run through the same process to install it just for running?
  6. The only thing NaCl means to me is Sodium Chloride.
  7. Ah, I just realized we're having different conversations. When I said beta I was talking about the Linux Steam beta.
  8. If Don't Starve will be on Steam for Linux, I should be able to buy it once the beta goes public.
  9. Ah, I hadn't considered that Chromium wouldn't work. I'll try it.
  10. Chrome web store says that my computer is not supported, and therefore will not allow install. "This application is not supported on this computer. Installation has been disabled."
  11. I'd like to buy the game, but before I do I'm just wondering how well it works on linux with Wine?