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  1. These small aesthetic additions aren't really needed, they're just another small detail people might ignore, forcing people to wash their character seems a bit irritating and un-necessary, I mean there's few games which have this mechanic other than The Sims franchise, and I don't think the team wants to turn this into anything like The Sims.
  2. A raft would be nice, make it using a mixture of twigs, logs, silk, and rope, but let's give it limited durability, making it "dangerous": i.e. once that durability runs out, kinda like in limbo, your character can't swim, and just drowns losing everything in their inventory, this way sailing can't be overused
  3. Hmm, how about when they leave, if you're too close to them, just a like a mandrake cooking: you just faint and wake up the next morning and there's nobody there, and not a single trace that they ever existed...
  4. An easy way to kill the treeguard is to surround it with trees, and then over-charge a campfire, or light a tree with a torch. It'll burn the treeguard. If he doesn't wake up and die after burning him, just hit him a few times with a spear or tentacle and he'll die easily. As for healing: There's no penalty for overeating. If you really need specialized healing: Pumpkins and carrots heal only hunger, and honey heals only health (and a lot of it), so if your hunger/health is full and you only need to heal one or the other, you can use those foods for that. Other than that, meats and seeds give you both health and hunger. Anyway, don't be afraid of fainting or overeating, it's not possible... yet... the most that can happen is you waste a few hunger points, i.e. if you're at 90 hunger and you eat an carrot, it'll take you to 100 hunger, and you'll have "wasted" the extra 5 hunger points it could've given you, as it usually feeds ~15.
  5. Great idea, we could build like satanic statues made out of meat, get demons on our side, but if we devote too much to one demon, other demons get mad and will cause other weird crap to happen in the world, we could even use this to give a use to the animal items like rabbits and birds, so we can use them at the statue to "sacrifice" for a bonus
  6. It's a lot more "natural" for sure than the perfect circle islands previously. I'm assuming this is to prepare for the whole winter idea in their roadplan (and as a sneak peak in the winter hat), as when winter comes, some of these abundant resources will happily just go poof from the cold, so you'd have to move around a lot to get the resources you need, compared to the tiny islands with easy bridges, where you can just get to where you want, really easily. I suppose if they do harden the game a bit more, i.e. need more wood and grass to make things compared to normal, some of these resources might actually be useful. I'm still surprised they haven't rolled out a hotfix to get the pig king in the new generator yet though.
  7. I'm not too sure, but I tried tracking down the processes file and registry writes, and figured that it isn't saving any kind of profile like it used to... Go ahead and try it though. That's our best way of checking.
  8. First few times I only made it to day 4-6, mainly because I'm an absolute idiot: Was low on health. Ate monster meat... Died. Decided I needed some silk... went and attacked a spider nest... died. Oh hey I found some pigs... maybe if I kill it further away I'll be fine.... OH CRAP... instant death as pigs come from all directions. Right now as I'm playing it safe, I'm up to day 15 with Willow
  9. Attn mods - delete this thread, figured it out already.
  10. Previously they would have been stored in %localappdata%\FLT\Steam\211670\remote but with the recent december 11 update... they appear to be stored in the cloud, permanantly. I've done some poking around, and for whatever reason, with the latest update, saves appear to be on some sort-of cloud server (even when steam cloud is disabled), so you can't tamper with them by hand.