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  1. I agree with this but still game is easy. I am now on 242 days now and have 60 morsel meat, 20 amount of all type vegatables, 10-11 prepared foods and 8 meat effigy etc. Hounds are coming in 12-13 waves and i just make circle around fire till day shows up and lure them the swamp. Game needs to be harder, well game is easy for me now because i finished all researches and made a good base etc. I mean it can be harder and it should. Also a small suggestion; As the number of day increases, make days shorter and night longer =)
  2. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Tooth Trap needs to be set again in first opening Steps to reproduce Set tooth traps and before it is triggered quit the game, then when we enter the game TRAPS never work, thus need to be taken and set again. Describe your issue Set tooth traps and before it is triggered quit the game, then when we enter the game (placed not triggered)TRAPS never work i mean they are not triggered, thus need to be taken and set again and then it works
  3. Will my all researches and save games be gone? Will i have to research them again and other stuff? and what about opened characters?
  4. I have non bridge map thus finished and cut all rocks to get flint. So i assume 5 flints are out there
  5. ty really because i forgot about hiring pig part but many of them are dead and for football hat i need pig skin, i obtain it from houses otherwise dogs or spiders or pigs eat pigs skin when it is dropped.
  6. This is a little awkward question because i need to cut trees (fire) constantly with axe and dig with shovel which is crafted by flint.
  7. I am running low on flint(at least started recently) and i see only option for flint replacement is making luxury tools by feeding king pig..... Since rocks does not respawn i dont know what to do... I am not sure if flints found on the ground can be found again. My only option is luxury tools?
  8. I think you buffed them a little too much :S i am nearly 240 day and i am really into this game and i am so careful about changes that i can realize even %5 drop increase.... But you increased both seeds and farming time efficiency a little bit much.
  9. That was my point, with your permission i will copy this to main post with quote style.
  10. I stopped whining because i realized tooth traps on rabbit holes are 8x more efficient than farming
  11. Nerfing something and killing something is entirely different for me =)))
  12. You dont need it.. dont spend pig skin on flute for hounds. Well carry at least one for emergency situations but kiting is more efficient i guess.
  13. Yeah if they attack u at night just do as i say, make circles till day and lure them where they can be distracted - - - Updated - - - Yeah for that, spent 6 meat effigy and i still have 5
  14. Note: I have reached 200 days.. They started to come in 10-11 groups including 2 hellhounds. All i can do is (when i am not prepared)- if it is dark just do circles in the light area till it is day again - and lure them to swamp or spiders or treebeard.. This method saved me two times already.
  15. No with tooth traps i just set them up on rabbit holes without fearing from KRAMPUS and this is it!!!! they provide at least 8x higher hunger than farming. Farming is gg
  16. so you did nothing else than... farming is pointless now since time for growing up of seeds is also increased
  17. Seriously i understood one nerf of "decreased drop rate of seeds" but didnt understand the nerf of time for grow up in farm plots.... Double nerf just made farming pointless with tooth traps i just set them up on rabbit holes without fearing from KRAMPUS and this is it!!!! othey provide at least 8x higher hunger than farming. Farming is gg
  18. Until now, this is my observation i wonder if it is true or not.
  19. Firstly i wanna talk about tooth trap. Since it is like normal trap when something happens, you have to click it and replace it etc., this does not kill in one trigger and you have to do it all over again or create it more than one time and wait for luck them to press on it.... But it is good in this way, IF STH KILLED BY THIS TRAP, It does not increase your naughtiness!!! this is the only good thing about it...Other than that pointless Now Fire Dart... Well i dont know exactly how many seconds does it put fire on mobs but i think, other than treebeard it is pointless, ofc people will find some useful ways to use it but for me meh...
  20. This is all the map i assure u, nowhere to go from now on =)). No bridges, everywhere is so close!!!! Note:180 days till now
  21. I want to adjust the amount of any item on given stack by shift button. For example i need 12 on sth and i dont want to carry 20 of it. Also i dont want to "drag and drop" thing for everything for example it would be nice if i just hover on food and by ctrl and mouse left click and i can directly send it to opened window such as chests, crock pot etc.