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  1. Spawn Krampus.Almost kill him.Leave the game.Now enter and kill him.If sack didn't spawn, just leave the game with alft + f4, and do it again, and again, and again... little cheat.
  2. When I discovered this. Natural meadow with a lot of berries and pig houses.
  3. So I will loose all foods from all chests? : D And great work.
  4. Yeah, that bug make them totally useless. Personally, I tend to fight with hounds around pig villages.
  5. That awkard moment, when you realized, that destroying last world wasn't good idea... Before patch I was so excited abou new map algorithm, and when it pop out I immediately deleted last one. However, so generated maps wasn't nice to play... and by default too! (weird bridges etc.) I'll hope, I will find in future worlds like this. (Beefalos, Pigs Village, Swamps and Rabbits close to each other)