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  1. I will say, I really loved the animation in this and hope we get a end movie rather like this opening movie as well.
  3. Was the sound effect for attacking things changed? It sounds much softer to me then it did before.
  4. Yeah I was mostly using silk to catch butterfly to expand my garden.
  5. Yes but once winter hits we will have no honey production at all. I'd like to see the ability to make something useful from the honey long term and give a reason to go so out of the way to produce it. Fishing and rabbit trapping is a better way to get food really and I expect to be available in winter. And once we have portals it will be even more out of the way to make bee boxes since we will be traveling so much more. Having bandages we can make from honey give us good reason to bother and then we can take our band-aids into the next world.
  6. I am pretty disappointed that honey has been pushed so much to the way side, it was such a major thing to get before and I'd spend days looking for my first hive and preparing to make a bee box. I even plant elaborate gardens near them to make my bee's happy. I don't mind the hit to the hp Regen so much if the honey was then also used for something else special. Maybe ti be nice to see it used to make a healing item like bandages since honey is a natural antiseptic? Refine grass + honey = bandage?
  7. People assume that because of the audio file for it sounds like a giant monster with a image of a ruined camp site and the title 'It was here...' Seems pretty ominous.
  8. Wow, asshat much? Really not necessary when he was just asking for a cerification. He is just pointing out that the update theme will probably be animals with hooves. So Beefalo breeding, Deeroclops raiding, ect. The guess is based off of the Morse code that is the type of animals listed from the wiki article.
  9. Snob, I have a hard time accepting that version since there is still six fully un-used dots that don't make any sense in that connection pattered. The other one that was done looks very clearly like a beefalo of some kind.
  10. The deerclops sound file sounded two legged, not four legged like the most common rendition of the dots image. I think the image looks more like a new type of a beefalo then a deer anything. I think the hints are two separate spoilers.
  11. Well eventually we will have the world progression added in, so one will have to leave their camps in order to find and then go to the next world portal.
  12. I can decorate the ground now?! SWEET! I WILL PUT PRETTY BRICK LEADING UP TO MY HOME AND AROUND MY GARDEN! *so excited*