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  1. Release Candidate!

    Tall birds went awry.
  2. Or he is laughing like mad-man.
  3. I feel like the pieces i am missing are really screwing me over.. Max is waving hi.
  4. Hm...these shadow arm things are a pain.
  5. Yeah, Max is mad skinny and slouching.Its odd how the shadows are bending back and forth on themselves as well, I lightened my bits and you can see where it 'bends'
  6. Yeah i for sure don't have that hair piece that's part of the chair, I'm working with missing bits >o<
  7. At least the checkerboard pattern in the background helps...
  8. The whiteness mocks me...and i can't find a chair foot either.
  9. The part of his head that is missing is driving me mad.
  10. Are we sure this is all the pieces?
  11. Stupid chair feet, where are you?!
  12. I feel like i am missing part of his head..
  13. Well it is max sitting down with his legs crossed for sure so far...
  14. Huh, they way the shadow stretches off the chair looks kinda like wilson's hair...