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  1. I made it to day 15, but wandered off into the darkness at night to show my lady friend what happened. Ah well.
  2. Could be a "refine" option that would break apart rocks into N amount of pebbles that could be shot. I think the price of 1 rock/shot is a little steep. Maybe 1 rock for 3 shots.
  3. You have no idea how glad I am to read this little line. It's something I'd been thinking about suggesting for awhile, though I haven't had much time to pick through the forums. My girlfriend was playing this game all weekend and she loved it, but she was getting a little frustrated when she had to re-make her base over and over. Made me sort of wish there was an option for a persistent world, but it sounds like that's in the works! Minecraft has us both conditioned to be nesters, I think. We both like the novelty of losing everything when we die sometimes, though. Edit: That said, great game. I heard about it on Giantbomb and watched their quicklook. I fell in love with the style and gameplay and promptly bought it. Couldn't wait to get home and play. It's awesome seeing that "next update" number tick down and also refreshing to see devs so actively engaged in the community and dedicated to improving their game. I've got no doubts that this game's going to be great. Looking forward to cold/sanity.