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  1. Tired of dying? Give my Save Game Swapper a try ! All ya gotta do is backup the saved game files by simply pressing F1 Then you can restore them anytime thereafter by pressing F2 Ya tired of playing, or just want the Tool to go away? then press Alt+ESC! Fully equipped with SOUNDS !!!....of course Don't Starve sounds!! With both files being scanned I've included Internet Shortcuts to the Analysis pages for both the UPX packed and Unpacked executable file. I've only got it packed to make it smaller. File Information: (from the ReadMe.txt included) The target executable has been packed using the UPX packer Which throws up 2 red flags packers always throw false red flags. The target executable has been scanned unpacked as well with 1 red flag being thrown up. This is due to the executable being embedded with a resource file containing 3 sounds, and some icon information for a total of 6 resources. The sounds used in the application have been extracted directly from the Don't Starve sound archived files or the ".FSB" files which is just a FMOD Sound Archive, and converted to WAV format The icon used in the application is an edited version of the original Don't Starve game icon. ALSO These sounds/icon files were created for Don't Starve from Klei Entertainment NOT ME ! I've just added sounds to my save game swapper to make it more "Don't Starvish" lol and more fun ! Simple to use. Just press F1 to Backup saved game files F2 to Swap/Restore saved game files Alt+ESC to Exit the application (or exit via the tray icon) Enjoy ! Never have to start over lol !
  2. We need to have a rock quarry where there is an abundance of rock to mine! This is just s suggestion of course but I find myself very limited to rocks spawning. And perhaps longer Day/Night cycles. So you can do more during the day like farming, planting and taking care of animals and traps etc..
  3. I just don't like having to start all over again without any provisions. I suppose if I can make a resurrection item I'll be okay but I've only made it to like Day 5 ever lol. Always die xD