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  1. Just put trap on rabit hole and u don;t need any bait :)Anyway we're out of topicAs for krampus, i'm killing almost everything i can and i never seen one
  2. HelloI just want to let You know that rabit traps are useless... why ? Because You don't need them to kill rabits ( even w/o boomerang ) just attack rabit from rabit hole side so in the moment of attack you will be between rabit and rabit hole. He will start to run towards You and... boom, he's dead, very fast, very easy way to kill 20 rabits in 3 min. So there is a sugestion, now thanks to rabit trap you can capture rabit alive. Maybe some rabit breeding cages or rabit farm ? Somthing like beehive but with rabits, just to have another cool stuff to build, and make rabit traps more useful, and our hero will have to feed them and keep them alive, another thing to kepp your sanity :)
  3. Hit one beefalo and run, whole pack will chase you but after a while of running all will get bored with you and go away but not this one you hit already, so lure him out of the pack area and kill. Anyway, i'm no recomending to kill them, they are good source of poo and fuur. You can always get some other food.
  4. I tried at least 7 random maps and there was always some rock area, never had problems with rocks
  5. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Can't kill "tamed" pig when she is attacking me. Steps to reproduce - make 2 or more pig friends - try to change one into beast - attack beast - try to defend yourself from rest of pig friends when they attack. Describe your issue I had 5 pig friends, one of them changed into beast and start to attack me and 4 other pigs, when i hit beast with spear, my pigs attacked me and i were unable to defend cause i still saw them as my "friends"