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  1. Thank you for the update Why do i get the feeling we will so regret laying down turf for our homebase. HEHEE this game making me paranoid. I see danger everywhere now lol
  2. I totaly agree with you. For me its no fun just hanging in my base, i get bored real fast. I also have(or should i say had) everything i needed except for trees. So today at day 108 i had to go get me some logs and went out exploring. Night comes didnt feel like going back to base cuz its fun out here. But guess what i was missing just ONE grass for a fire. Yes just one, and ofcourse no grass in sight. I pleaded with the dark to be friends but it said NOPE! That is what this game is about. You can die any way you can think of at anytime. That to me is exciting.
  3. The only thing im scared of is that with the whole food thing we need to keep in mind we are in the wilderness and not camping in our back yard. So all the jaring and using salt and stuff shouldnt be 100% guaranteed your food won't spoil. I understand the smoking part is a realistic thing or in the winter using the snow , but we shouldnt let the preventing food from spoiling get out of hand. The whole purpose in my opinion is to manage your gathering of food to last you through the summer or winter.
  4. That is exactly what i ment with my post (hangs head in shame for all my typos).The biggest pack i had was 6 hounds and it did work with the beefalos. I think one beefalo died but it was still easy.
  5. I cook the monstermeat on the firepit first and then put it in the crockpot. I dont know if it still works cuz this Willow is vegitarian so havent eaten meat with her.
  6. How my poor Willow died, i was fighting a tallbird then armor broke i didnt have a reserved one so i ran but my health as really low. I ran across the bridge but there was one hellhound stuck on the bridge but got loose as i was passing by and bit me once and i died. If only that tallbird stopped chasing me i could have survived.
  7. put the cooked monstermeat in the crockpot.... heals health almost fully
  8. I wish i was naughty so i can see him. My Willow is a vegetarian. The only naughty thing i do is set fires. And i do it on purpose most of the time. hehehe thats how i find feathers actualy
  9. I have my basecamp by the buffels. When i here the hellhounds comming i put on my armor and equip my spear and wait for them. When they get to me i run to the buffolees and run around them and wait for a hound to attac one of them and all the buffolos come and help and kill the hellhounds.