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  1. The treeguard is 3-4 hits, 4 hits maximum and should be used, as time is important in this game.
  2. Discuss? What are we? your slaves? Now try to wake up and fight against the new jumping spiders, and try your kiting tactic, just do it more and more and more. There has already been done something about it, and more probably will.
  3. Ofc its possible with endless play. Same with pigs -- just kill pigs, make more pighouses and get hundreds of pigs in a vast armies with hats You don´t need to fight your own battles remember
  4. Do anyone know how the system works? I got around 20-30 flowers planted from butterflies around my beeboxes. But still I see bee´s flying away far away, so i Pick up the flowers so they´ll stay near the first flowers. But is there a system which means a flower can only be used by a bee once a day or so? I was wondering, also if butterflies can spawn from my newly accuired planted flowers? If so the system will be stabile and honey will be flourishing like the honey is already being made faster but I´m still unsure on these 2 things. If anyone knows or has gone this much in-depth it would be highly appreciated. Sorry if this has been asked before, I couldn´t find any answer on these exact questions
  5. Yes they still capture spiders. But I doubt they can catch the new spider queen XD
  6. Thank you sir And I´m too obsessed with bugs! I meant when i said the pig king, his pigs, sorry -- but having your own base with pigs, and instead of losing those pigs over and over and they eating the meat sometimes before you can snatch it, bee mines could be great for that I thought. When I play this game i keep wanting long term solutions, but sometimes have to go for short term ones before i can organize or move to a better place. The Perfect Place. But losing PERMANENTLY beefalos is very bad, same with the never ending fear and knowing that flint and rocks will run out. Flint can be replaced with gold nuggets most of the time though. Luckily But now we get that spider queen bug added finally Could be fun that vs a beefalo
  7. Anyone else but me that tries using bee mines against buffalos? I used around 5-6 beemines, and boom had 40+ meat. First i killed one myself, fed my pigs, made them take out some spiders, and then made sure the pigs died. Got the silk, made around 5-6 bugnet, went to catch my bees and made the beemines. Made it further up in the savannah land, and found alot of befallos, put all the mines, attacked one - and boom around about half the bees were dead and all bufallos were dead. EPIC FIGHT! Same with those hounds coming to my base, though my forest palisade doesnt seem to work /: i want a real wall. I wonder if this could be used against the pig king too, since buffallos do not respawn so far as i know. Also got bored and ended my game by destroying most of my stuff getting me over 4000 research points for future updates Wish you could make giant bee cubes or something or get ant hills I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH <33333333333333333333333333 AND THE COMMUNITY HERE! <3 Cheers! Antso ps: what a crappy first post ^^ time for improvement