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  1. Love the new art, Lee An. Can't wait to see more of it . Also, sorry about your bad mood, I do hope it's passed :c.
  2. It's not bad, I kinda like it . Yeah, I wouldn't mind seeing the other characters drawn, lets see em.
  3. Heh, the way you guys play this is really different than how I play it. I don't move plants around to suit me, I just leave everything where it is and work with that. Besides, if a fire hound came to your camp, couldn't that screw up everything?
  4. I do say, Lee An, that I particularly enjoy the lack of pupils you give some of the characters. It adds (I feel) an appropriate sort of Don't Starve creepiness to them, yet they're also still kind of cute. Bravo to you .
  5. >badly drawn Willow>better than I can draw by a bajillion Self-confidence in drawing ability down by 30 percent. Admiration of Lee's drawing ability up by 56 percent.
  6. Hopefully all the dashing to different cities and family get togethers will end once the holidays do. (Draw them arts, I'm sure they'll be fine, if not better then anything I've seen before.) Yes, something special for the awesome lurker. Though I don't think I could draw something avatar worthy. --- And for some art. (Be warned I can't guns, metal or mechanical things, but I tried.) Oh, hehe, honest to goodness you put an ear to ear smile on my face with that drawing of yours, with the reaction to my reply (I just try to be as nice as anyone should be treated, really ). Family get together holidays are always a bit hectic, at least in my experience, but it is nice to see family members that aren't often seen. Also, I'm certain whatever you draw would be more than avatar worthy, Lee An. Also, that Willow and toaster fit put me into a little giggling fit as well, that is just top tier awesome stuff right there.Oh, and to answer Science Machine's question about genders, I am a male.
  7. *blush* Oh, I'm just trying to be friendly is all, glad to see you are alive and well . Sorry about all the hectic moving stuff, that can't leave too much time for enjoying yourself, but I hope the end result of moving in is worth it . I've had decent holidays myself, and even got a tablet so I can get into drawing de arts like you folks (though I'll probably not ever be as good as you guys ). Also, a pic for me? You are so kind, I'm gonna draw you something back when I get the chance.
  8. Well, this is certainly an interesting way to show the characters. Why not try showing them in different poses as 'ponies' or something along those lines?
  9. I do particularly enjoy the demon form, it is very visually interesting .
  10. Heh, it's misspelled on purpose because of an inside joke between me and some friends. I can't wait to see the demon form, and don't worry about the language thing, you communicate clearly enough for us to understand you :3.
  11. Man, seeing all these fan drawing really makes me want one or two of em to be put in game. They'd be so cool .
  12. So far, it looks pretty cool. Can't wait to see where this is taken .
  13. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Exploit] Platform Steam Version Number 70823 Issue title Birds are Stupid Steps to reproduce Leave seeds on the ground Walk away form seeds Wait for bird to come to seeds Bird is stuck hovering above seeds Kill stupid bird to gain delicious meat and feathers Repeat Describe your issue So, apparently, either I'm not getting that this is supposed to happen (which is entirely possible), or the birds are spending a wee bit too long hovering above seeds, which somewhat eliminates the point of using a bird trap when I can save the materials to just kill the darn things myself. But it does get a bit ridiculous when I can stockpile 40+ cooked morsels and be loaded with feathers because of this issue, so it'd be nice to have some indication about whether this can be fixed or not. Also, sometimes seeds don't need to be put out by the player, as I've been walking around to see birds just stuck hovering and asking me to please kill them and enjoy their meat and feathers.
  14. Everybody starts somewhere, mate, and for what it's worth, I think you're off to a good start . But lawdy if I ever caught a pig going through my stuff, it'd be dead before you could say "Bacon".