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  1. Well thats the point right? I mean making it a choice seems unfair when you look at the grind necessary already to attain the more "appealing" ones. Unless of course you supplement more appealing characters with higher point grinds necessary. In that case it makes total sense, I just think that the way it's set up is also just as appealing. For a new player who buys the game when its a full release then yes I can see the choice option being more favorable. Gives them something to work toward and that anticipation when they finally get the character they want. However for people who have played this game during pre-release I think it will create the opposite. Get the character you like, call it a day, instead of experimenting and etc. I actually prefer Wendy, you just have to know not to walk into her twin sister Abigail So for me, the game would be fully released, I'd reset my userdata, grind the let's say 100 points towards Wendy, and then never buy another character again. The element of surprise and excitement is gone. To a player that likes to plan their adventure, I'd say its a great idea. To a player that likes to discover things and be surprised, I would say its not. Just my thoughts though =)
  2. 4 Spider Queens at the Same Time =(

    Gah! Completely unrelated note to the spider queens, I had to fight an evil tree ent thing on like day 6 on my new world, and I found a really fantastic spot too =( I was doing great! Morning rolls around and guess what? 2 fire hounds come after me...seriously? Haha this game is unrelenting sometimes, but thats what makes it fun. This just means I can take a break and start fresh later.
  3. Research After You Die

    thanks for the response, didn't get a chance to see it til now =) I really like this community too, all very friendly. Got to day 38 on my new world but the new update had me fight 4 spider queens and I died =( ah well
  4. I log into my playthrough of around 36 days, my new record since I bought the game only 5 days or so ago. I go in, and I've set my camp up decently close to 5 or 6 spider dens. Not close enough that they come in my camp at night, but so I can farm them if I wanted to. I built 2 bee mines, 4 fire darts, had 2 pigs with me, and I was wielding a tentacle spike along with my log suit. Much to my surprise all 4 of the nearest dens became spider queens, I managed to kill 2, then night came and I retreat to my camp. After much kiting and the use of my meat effigy, I kill the third. Day has come and the 4th spider queen is still infesting my camp, I have no food, weapon, or armor. I don't want to lose all the stuff at my camp either. I suit up with a fresh log suit, retrieve my extra tentacle spike. The queen has summoned 4 warrior since my departure, after I finally kill them I go in to kite and kill the queen. I imagine she was almost dead because night rolls around again, and I finally die. Not a rant, just wanted to share my adventure of the new patch before the balances. I know they didn't balance spider queens, but since my world was an old world all my spider dens were synchronized and 4 spider queens mauled me. It was a good run though, now I get to try out a new character and see if I can't beat 38 days! =)
  5. So one thing I think is really cool about Don't Starve is the difficulty and somewhat unforgiving challenge when you take risks. I said screw it on my first play through and just dove after a spider nest. Died for it (almost made it out alive) I made a new game, and my research was all still there. I would like an option to just play it straight up vanilla if I want. Making it so I have to do all that progression if I want to all over again. Don't get me wrong its cool, but I'd like to just completely restart. I didn't do too much research on the subject, but if its a glitch or something let me know, or if there is an easy way, I'm all ears.