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  1. I made it to 400+, but it gets boring... by then you have so much stuff in your base, it's almost pointless to get out. I was spend my days simply farming for more food inside my base.
  2. Just wear the Beekeeper hat. It provides 80% protection against bees, meaning you'll only take 2 dmg each attack.Wear that + Log Suit and you'll have 80% * 80% protection, resulting in 0.4 damage... Not sure how the game rounds that up.
  3. Give them any kind of meat. They will follow you for a whole day. Giving them monster meat will eventually make them become werepigs.
  4. Run to a pig village or close to bee nests. Hounds attack everything around. And, one piece of meat will keep all of them distracted. Kill one, another piece of meat falls. All hounds are distracted. Rinse and repeat.
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  6. This. With more pig skins, you can build more houses, and have an army of *lift pinky finger to mouth* ONE MILLION piggies. Eventually. Although I'm happy with my 15 houses for now.
  7. It's Christmas, the devs are celebrating with their families and will only come back on the 2nd me thinks. You seem to have a pretty good PC... My PC is pretty good too, but it still lags every now and then. Sometimes it freezes for 5-10 seconds... Hopefully they will fix it
  8. Oh wow, nice find. There are many ways to exploit the game with the save & quit option... Also with exiting the game by force quitting, therefore not saving.
  9. Sucks. You should back up your save every so often in case something like that happens. Here are the recipes.
  10. Very nice idea. Maybe make a sub quest on the campaign where a horde of Krampi take most of your items and then you must go to their world and recover it all.
  11. I'm the idiot. I didn't think of that. Pumpkin farms works very well too though.