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  1. Bummer. Hope you don't have to wait long.But 'easily download'...don't see how it would be any easier than downloading straight from the website. Yes, I am curious about the stupidest things :P
  2. I've never bought a soundtrack from Steam, what's the big difference, why do people want to wait?
  3. Well, the new update caught me by surprise, my crops didn't come in on time, and I starved. But mostly it turns out vegetarianism, while an excellent real-life choice, is BORING in a game. I'm back to murdering pixels.
  4. How fortunate! A spider just attacked me. Self-defense is not murder. I have silk >
  5. I was not familiar with that definition of 'mob'. The things you learn... ROFL at the picture:D
  6. Ha! Burning grass I originally titled the thread Vegetarian Mode, but then again, I eat meat from the beasties that attack me, so that would incur purist wrath. A mob? There are mobs? Boy, I think I have a LOT to see in this game yet. Ooo, tentacles, really? Only they usually kill me, too. I'll have to try that out.
  7. So, I've been playing for about a week, and I'm trying to get by without eating any creatures, or in fact killing anything unless it attacks me first (had to gut some Dogs, alas). I'm in that kind of guilty mood recently, I even felt bad about burning trees for charcoal, and spent a good while contemplating the ecological impact of my reckless replanting on the in-game fauna... (will beefalo starve if I harvest all the grass?? What about the jackalopes? I took all their carrots!) I'm not sure how far I can get on this strategy. We shall see. The limit probably lies much further than I've gotten to right now- I keep dying around day 10 because of being distracted. Hard to keep a fire going if you forget about fuel. What I am wondering, mostly, is whether it's possible to get silk without destroying a spider nest. No, this isn't really a question, I'm sure I'll find out eventually. I tried luring the spiders out towards the beefalo so they'd get trampled, but that didn't work. Yeah, I don't really feel guilty about setting one animal against another. Anyone else being silly and refusing to kill the beasties in the game?