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  1. All in all, this game is an enjoyable way to play but I have one problem with it. My character seems to be just standing in front of the fire, just waiting for the next day and for several days at a time. Either this guy's a zombie unable to sleep or he's eaten some berries that make prevent him from sleeping. We should have the ability to make our own houses (customizable hopefully) and the ability to sleep. It would be nice to have some sort of rucksack or sleeping bag that could be made for sleeping but then again someone's gotta have the fire going (which I have no idea how to keep it going while my guy would be asleep). There should be the ability to build a house sense we have planks and building material enough to build a pig house but not for the character (at least so far that I know sense I'm pretty new at the game and died before I got to build a pig house). In short --The ability to build a house --The ability to customize said house --Sleeping --Probably a hardcore mode where it adds a sleep meter?