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  1. Hey everyone in the dont starve community my names sam im a semi-pro youtuber meaning i upload everyday and have partnership but im not "big" so heres a link to the first 2 episode of my dont starve series. If you wanna come check them out it would be such a help if you like what you see dont forget to leave a comment, like and maybe even a subscribe thanks Episode One: Episode Two: I try and put alot of effort into them and make them as intresting as possible;) P.S the second episode is funnier. but episode one has to watch episode 1 to understand why KILLING THE GOD DAMN TURKEY IS SO IMPORTANT;)
  2. Hey all you pc gamers my names sam and im just asking if you can take second to check my dont starve gameplay its gonna be a series and also if you wouldnt like to see it dont worry but for those who does heres the link if you enjoy like and subscribe also who think the amazing game should go multiplayer eh?? but thats all and ill see later bye:D Youtube Channel;