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  1. Allow us to farm Beefalo in a corral or something to stop them wandering off and getting killed. The corrals could also protect them against attacks from animals etc? With a breeding mechanic then you wouldn't run out of meat/hide/manure making those items into the unlimited category?
  2. Perhaps not if it is a big step down in nutrition value? Then the only reason to stock up on cured food is to prepare for the coming winter. The rest of the year it's not a good food source...
  3. I see the NEED for a varied diet as a very good solution. That way you cannot just use one method to sustain yourself but forces you to diversify into other food sources that may be risky to obtain.
  4. Yup, understood Kevin. I'm very interested to watch the game develop over the next few months or I wouldn't be here already
  5. From the about the game page "Gather resources to craft items and structures that match your survival style. Play your way as you unravel the mysteries of this strange land." I see this statement getting lost. Maybe my way to survive is to farm but the devs and others seem to want to stop people using that style. Other people's style is a hunter and that seems to get targeted as well. I didn't buy this game just to be presented with a puzzle style game where you have to find out how to survive in a certain manner but I wanted a survival themed sandbox game. Sure the word sandbox wasn't used but that's how I read the sentence from the about the game page...
  6. I don't want another Minecraft clone but I was using Minecraft as an example that a game doesn't have to be hard to be successful - just give people things to do and be creative with. Minecraft is not a pure survival game no but it does have survival elements to it (monsters, health, hunger, experience gain).
  7. Also I really wanted to be able to experience the game by discovering things like how I think the devs want it to be. I found survival so hard really that I HAD to read the wiki, the forums and watch some youtube videos to even get some idea how to last more than a few days. OK I get eaten by dogs. How do I stop that? OK I keep running out of food. Everything I planted doesn't seem to be growing. Why? In the end I gave up and read through the wiki for answers. It's OK for the veterans cause they have been here a while and knew how the world worked before something else was added in. Then they only had to concentrate on that one addition so work it out. For someone new its ALL overwhelming. (Not trying to have a whinge cause I can see HUGE potential in this game, but when I see comments from the community like if you want to farm go play something else I have to start to wonder. I LIKE farming. I LIKE landscaping. I LIKE exploring)
  8. Yeah I'm lucky if I can unlock 1 or 2 new things before I get killed off LOL
  9. As a new player, about a week old, I already find it hard enough to gain a foothold in the world - I just start getting somewhere and the dogs attack me, or I haven't got food production up to speed yet and I starve, etc. You seem to be putting a lot of effort into discouraging certain activities by people who have large bases already setup and have nothing to do. This may not be an issue once the game is fully developed and there is plenty to do once food supplies etc are setup and make it especially hard for new people to get started. If people want to farm, let them. If people want to hunt, let them. I really like sandbox games where I can relax from the real world and muck around in to my hearts content and where the game isn't actively fighting my every move. It's one of the reasons I love Minecraft so much. I can basically do what I want within the framework of the world. The world isn't fighting me making structures. The world isn't fighting me making farms for food. There is plenty enough danger in exploring and the occasional mob that takes me unaware that I don't need a system where every 30th block I break spawns a monster or something like that. Honestly I am beginning to wonder if in a couple of patches time it will be too hard for a new person to start playing!
  10. For those of us who travel Steam makes it difficult as it assumes an always-on connection. I know there is an offline mode but that never seemed to work properly for me. Also if something happens to the Steam service, or they make changes to their service and you wont accept their new terms of service, then you lose all your games you have with them. Stand alone games don't have any of these problems