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  1. Make a new map then. This is not a bug, you just got unlucky.
  2. [Main Thread] Invisible Treeguard

    Happened to me too, luckily I was playing with Wolfgang, so I made short work of him. EDIT: I just used my spear BTW, I didn't try to burn him. I did however try to calm him by planting new trees, I planted 6 and he was still after me.
  3. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Chrome Version Number 70776 Issue title Glitched out mandrake Steps to reproduce - Pick up mandrake during night with full inventory - Upon dropping the mandrake, it causes it to float in mid air, just above the character. - Character glitches out trying to pick up the mandrake if you hold space. Describe your issue Refer to steps to reproduce.
  4. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Chrome Version Number 70776 Issue title Floating gold over King Pig Steps to reproduce - Give King pig graveyard items and or meat. - Try to pick up the gold. Describe your issue I gave the king pig two grave yard items, one being the rocket, the other being the ball in a cup. When I tried to pig up the gold, my character just kept running into the king pig. Upon moving the camera I noticed that the gold was stuck above the king pig. To further investigate I gave the king pig a piece of meat, which resulted in the previous four gold pieces to drop down to ground, whereas the newly made gold piece took their place in mid air.
  5. Question about fireflies

    Hey, Thanks. That did exactly what I needed
  6. Hello. I've been poking around the forums looking for ideas on how to optimize my base in Don't Starve, and I came across some user who've used fireflies to light their bases, how do I do that? To be more precise: When I catch fireflies they end up in a stack, and when I drop said stack, I only get the light of one dropped firefly, but when I recatch it, the whole stack is still there. Is there currently a way to divide up stacks? If not, there reallty should be one.