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  1. I say yes but not yet. We don't have any ranged threats yet so a bow would be to powerful at this point. I wouldn't mind having one later though when we start to get ranged enemies that try to kite you.
  2. I dunno, i think frog legs and fish are plenty.
  3. I agree with him. I like the old one giant landmass style best. Islands could be okay but as of now they are mostly (or entirely) one biom each which is kinda boring imo. The test generator is a nice in-between but i think some sort of bridge building mechanic needs to be added to keep it from being really annoying.
  4. The problem with swords is you cant really make them out of stone, you need metal and metal needs to be smelted. You would need to create a whole system of things just for a sword(or any other metal tool). I also don't like the gold tools as well and am hoping myself they or/and their crafting method changes at some point. But more than anything swords are just sort of unnecessary at this point, spears are enough right now imo.
  5. Don't forget about good ol' treebeard. But more on topic, yes this is a very popular idea and something similar could get added due to popularity alone. I'd personally like to see a lot more semi aggressive creatures both day and night. Strictly aggressive or passive creatures aren't very interesting imo. Lastly, Don't Starve is awesomely creative and I think it deserves better than plain old bears.