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  1. I have been trying to come up with my own way to survive and it works till I settle in one spot. I did get to day 26 while exploring and leaving mini-camps but always end up dead before I can fully settle. I can assume now my fails are due to my adventure prone play style. And as for the Beefallo, I have found them 3 times so far... Rather the biome they live in. My main goal has always been to find them and dig in and establish near there. Every single time since then I can find swamp/forest/grassland/rocky and get stopped. I do appreciate the feedback so fast. And ity shall help me in my efforts to not starve and such. Will report back Soon!
  2. Really? Once I try farming up to like 60 logs one always comes and attacks me at my camp. The worst is when I am cutting the trees I planted near my home site and one comes up at night and I can not run far from the fire. Its terrible... Bad luck to me I guess?
  3. So I have been playing this game for about 2 weeks now or maybe less, I cannot say for sure. But no matter what I try I am stuck getting killed around day 10-12. I have plenty of food and supplies just cant seem to find the right way to keep things like Treeguards/Were-pigs at bay. Any advice?