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  1. Scene: Here I am day 79 adventuring off looking for more tallbird eggs and rocks to mine. I walk 3 islands to get to the rocks and i hear hounds. I have never had a problem with hounds but i have never stood in one position while a fire hound comes to attack me. I kill the fire hound kill the other 3 normal hounds and i see the fire. I was standing near the fire even though it was at the bottom of my screen telling me I was on fire than i die. I think fire should make your screen red like you are getting hit by a spider without a log suit or something because my 79 day game is gone because i didnt realize i was on fire. I was trying to grow another beard to make a effigie but i ran into the fire hound and died. I didnt even realize i was on fire. Make fire more noticable when you are lit on fire.
  2. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Before you change to full screen mode. Steps to reproduce Press play on steam and i have to make it full screen for the mouse to be centered so where the mouse is; is where it clicks. Describe your issue That is the video of it because it is not easy to explain : ) if you can put a comment in the comments telling me what it is it would be greatly appreciated.