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  1. Is your O2 low concentration? Are you making them touch water before you have a shower? Did you pick starting guys that are higher level and require higher decor right off the bat? Do you not build a massage table with priority 9 and top scale 40% and bottom scale 30%? Do you not let them have a massage by turning off the massage bit on their job list? Are they all waking up in the middle of the night (not including pee breaks) for some reason?
  2. I actually get bored after cycle 150 and have infinite o2, infinite power, infinite food, and I'm evaporating polluted water into steam to go back into my fresh water storage to ween myself off of sand. At that point I usually have 5-6 dudes. Is there something to discover after you have pepper plants at this point of the game build?
  3. Don't ask me how. I was unable to save her...
  4. I run 3 dupes until I'm done with all my research. Never ever use algae deoxidizers. First build 2 outhouses and 3 beds spread apart, because they breath out co2 and can disrupt other people's sleep if oxygen levels are low. But you shouldn't let your O2 levels get low because you'll need 6 terrariums to keep 3 people alive (notice the free light source). Same goes for food, you'll need 6 (7 to be safe) mealwood plants to feed them. Do not let them go underwater, or even near water until you have a working shower (the outbound pipes need to go up 2 tiles to work properly). Always always always research in this order first: Food then Decor I used to go for the electolyzer and hydrogen genny, but you don't really need it if you can your biodistillers up and running. electrolyzer is just in case you run out of algae, but you need to get the hydrogen genny right after so you can deal with the hydrogen. Jobs: you only need 1 artist (usually get someone with 5 creativity and don't let anyone else do the art) 1 person on research 1 person to cook If you want easy mode, get one of each from the start screen and make sure they all have diver's lungs Notice the terrariums at the bottom of my main (only) shaft because they can suck up CO2. There's still a ton of algae I haven't even dug up yet and I have almost all my research done. Beds always go up a level because O2 rises, but that's not important BECAUSE YOU HAVE 6 TERRARIUMS, RIGHT? But really, low concentration O2 and making them dig in water before they can shower makes their stress unmanageable.
  5. Idle workers and running for fun

    There shouldn't be any polluted water anywhere, but that is a good idea to lower the level and fix any water issues. Just saying the water shouldn't behave like that.
  6. Idle workers and running for fun

    Yea, because the water is in a gravimetric distortion.
  7. Flooding makes workers idle (that it should not) and running on a treadmill to no effect. Battery is flooded and no one is using equipment. Bathroom door(?) I think made an invisible wall to stop water. Now the water is too high to walk through. Just fyi to devs. Guess I'll start over.
  8. Boiling point of polluted water?

    Is the 122 the air around it, the tile it's on, or the actual water you're trying to evaporate?
  9. Boiling point of polluted water?

    My first steam puff. These are the temps I just reached:
  10. These insulated pipes have been set up for over a week and have not reached similar temps. Anyone know why not?
  11. 35 degree dripping water killed him also. fyi
  12. Shower issues?

    I figured out how to fix the issue.
  13. Shower problmes

    I found the fix for this issue.
  14. Shower/sleeping tweeks

    I finally figured it out. It has nothing to do with incoming water. You can't have a turn in the OUTGOING pipe first thing, you have to make it come straight out.