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  1. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Floating Objects Steps to reproduce 1. Die or have an item drop near a tree or rock (possibly others). 2. Revive (if you died) and destroy the tree/rock. 3. The item will be suspended in air. 4. Try to reclaim the item. 5. The item won't be reclaimable until you save and quit then continue again. Describe your issue I gave an item from a grave to the Pig King. There was a tree nearby and one of the gold nuggets he threw landed on the tree. I attempted to pick it up but was unable to, so I cut down the tree and removed the stump. Afterwards I was still unable to get the gold nugget, which was suspended in midair. I saved and quit the game and later when I came back on and continued I found that I was able to pick up the gold nugget.