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  1. Mobius, thanks for your comments. At this point I think the same ideas are being more productively discussed by greater numbers of people in the Seeds, Wild Plants, and Farming thread. http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?4405-Seeds-Wild-Plants-and-Farming-Overhaul-Suggestion
  2. "On the other hand who would want to throw 100k out of the window, especially in a (mostly) capitalistic society and branch?" Whether they would want to if they thought about it and whether it happens are two different things. Having worked in QA for years, I can tell you that every single major company wastes more than this on the average AAA title. They leave testers sitting for days on end with builds that don't work, for example.
  3. "I was just trying to indicate to you why some forum members might have disagreed with you, and it having nothing to do with your suggestions." No, you explicitly said that I didn't make any suggestions, and suggested that's why it came off as a complaint to you. "Now if you had come in with suggestions on how to improve swamps then I could see things as having moved along more smoothly." Twice. "In what way? I would prefer if you didn't just point to something and declare it "broken" and then not offer any solution." It's ok though. I don't really think this discussion is productive.
  4. Please keep in mind that most players want new content, but the way you presented your argument was almost like a complaint, "The swamps are broken! They suck!", so other forums members who didn't agree argued with you over that fact. Now if you had come in with suggestions on how to improve swamps then I could see things as having moved along more smoothly. >> >> I never declared anything broken, nor sucky, and I suggested that fish could also be used as fertilizer, like manure can. Lacking immediate ideas on further ways to make the swamps as compelling as the meadows, I tried to politely open the subject to group discussion. I get the strong impression that you haven't really read what I wrote from the way you describe it.
  5. Even though I rely primarily on rabbits for food, I have never once invoked the Krampus. I had to do an image search to know what you guys were talking about. I'm not trying to say that the swamp should not be dangerous, that would be fine, but it's not even dangerous--the tentacles are stationary and log suits protect the occasional slip-up. The thing is, it's not interesting enough to be worth the annoyance of constantly avoiding tentacles...not to me anyway. None of the reed-produced items interest me, I've found it easy enough to kill everything in the game with a spear so have never even tried to obtain a spike tentacle, fish are not worth the effort (in my opinion) and frogs are so spread out that the legs also hardly interest me. I'm only going to the trouble of explaining myself at this point because some of you are going to such great lengths to explain how this is a non-issue. But I suspect Enchanter and I are not the only players who feel like swamps could use some devly love. I have listed a few ways here and elsewhere about how I think it could be improved. Make fish more worth the time sink and the expenditure of silk. Make ponds larger to vary the nearly uniform landscape and make frogs more plentiful around them. Add some kind of vegetable that can be picked, like dragon fruit, for instance, to match carrots in the meadows. The rocky biome, now that we're discussing it, could use even more work. The tall birds are extremely cool, but how about some small animals like lizards and some kind of rocky vegetable or plants to be harvested. Aloe, for instance, maybe with healing properties, minor but better than 1 point flowers... Diversity could only enrich the game and create more possibilities. At any rate, I suspect a lot of diversity is coming in the next three months regardless of what anyone here says. I only learned today that there is THAT much development time left. In all likelihood, these biomes are unfinished and a lot of things will be added all over the place. (At which time you guys can all tell the devs to delete that stuff, since apparently we don't need any of it ;P )
  6. It also makes more sense for a indie developers because we are doing a lot of QA for them. They may be saving $50,000 on QA by releasing this beta to us. A big company who has been developing for 2+ years with a total budget of 100 million could care less about saving $100k on QA though, and like I said earlier, people just buy it by the millions and then, even when it's garbage, by their next unfinished title by the millions too.
  7. "Could the concept of releasing a pay to play beta, that is cheaper than the full release actually help in avoiding the above mentioned flaws? As in: could this potentially be a strategy to release games that satisfy a larger crowd while also taking some of the pressure that devs seem to have away? I would be happy to hear what you think about this." Of course it could, but triple A studios will never do this because people still buy their unfinished, shoddily-produced games as "finished" by the millions of units. Until people stop accepting this status quo, it will never change.
  8. Forgive me if this is answered elsewhere, but I can't find it anywhere, not even the official game page: Is there a formal release date for this game or even a rough target? If so, when?
  9. Chesska, I agree. I've felt from the beginning that rocks should be laying around the way flint often is. After all, regular rocks are far, far more common than flint in the real world. If anything, flint should be more difficult to obtain than regular rocks (not that I think this would be a good idea for game balance). Another idea is that perhaps there is a small chance of coming up with rocks when digging up a tree stump or bush.
  10. Just to be clear, I think this game is amazing, possibly the best $12 I've ever spent on a video game, and I realize it's not finished. I'm just putting out some suggestions, like everyone else here.
  11. "The issue here isn't with the game, in my opinion." I don't need suggestions on how to survive; it's trivially easy to survive forever after exploring the game for about a day (a real day, not an in-game day). I'm trying to say that the swamp is not a compelling location to be in--the least of all possible biomes. The best response I've seen here listed only three reasons to go there, and all are basically "higher-level" reasons--even the frog hunting, because it's not better than any other food until you have a crock pot. The "meadows" biome is overflowing with diversity and possibility compared to the swamp. Because of farming, foraging, rabbits, birds and bees it would be simple to never leave the meadows at all. In fact, I've once passed 60 days without ever once leaving the meadow and then quit from boredom--wouldn't it be great if the other biomes were equally compelling? I've seen a comment from the devs that we will never have houses because people will turtle and that goes against the spirit of the game. But everyone here just builds a farm and turtles. The reason is because there is not enough diversity of possibility in the other biomes. Has anyone here actually made a real base in the swamp? Ever? How about the rocky biome? I'm not talking about a semi-permanent outpost where you mine for a week and then drag it back to your real base. The rocky biome is lacking diversity as well.
  12. The swamps are probably the least compelling places in the game as of now. There is very little in the way of resources and they are filled with very dangerous tentacles. I think I may have something that could be a partial solution to this problem, and another problem at the same time. It has been observed by many that there is too much reliance on rabbit-hunting, and if all the posts can be believed the devs have even implemented some punishments for eating too many rabbits. The problem is not with the rabbits, however; the problem is that other types of meat are not rewarding enough. Birds are very unrewarding because they are essentially the same as rabbits but require silk to trap. Turkeys must be chased half way across the world and drop almost nothing (I think there should be a more fun way to kill turkeys too...sleeping darts probably work but are way too costly to be worth it). What if fish could also be used as fertilizer? I have only created two randomized worlds so far, but in both the Beefalo and the Pigs were extremely far from my starting point, which means farming seemed nearly impossible to me until I learned to survive for like 30 days. Right now, I avoid the swamps at all cost but if fish could be used as fertilizer as well as being eaten, I would make regular fishing trips and I would consequently rely less on constant rabbit killing. This is just one tiny adjustment, however. I think the swamps need more than this--some other resources or any kind of reason to go there at all, and I think there needs to be a more compelling reason to hunt birds as well. Any thoughts?