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  1. People, I am immortal (and fabulous). Maxwell can send me wherever the hell he likes.
  2. Personally I went on a horrible, oppressive crusade against spiders and wiped them all out, and now there's only one nest in a controlled location on my island, which I put there. Whenever I need silk or whatever I'll just take some pigs from the pig village I'm building near my base and kill them all. I'm also slowly wiping out the tentacles in the massive swamp biome, then using the meat I get from them to turn pigs into werepigs and get more pig skins to help build the aforementioned pig village. In other words, I'm on day 190~ and I'm slowly destroying every threat there is there and making the entire island mine. I will own that place. The whole island will be my playground. I might build a few smaller bases in a few places once I'm done doing that, just so that I've always got somewhere to hang out no matter where I am. I just have to get rid of the rest of those tentacles, and then my hostile takeover will be complete.
  3. Mine are just about wandering through into the swamp at the north end of my base, but thankfully I've already slaughtered all the tentacles there and made it safe. A lot of them hang out in the woods and actually in my base sometimes as well. I do agree that there ought to be something to tether them to their natural habitat, though.
  4. So I don't know if anyone's interested, but here's a bit of an update on the base. Took out ten of the berry bushes to make room for more turbo farms. Moved the remaining bushes to make everything pretty. Ridiculous number of meat effigies. Rabbits and grass everywhere. There are bees now. Just in the lower left there's a ring of tooth traps with a massive pile of monster meat in the middle, which is meant to be a distraction for hounds. Normally it works. So very nearly to that 200-day benchmark and still going strong - the only spider nest on the map is one I've put there, and now I'm having Wilson go out each day to kill tentacles just for kicks. Eventually this entire island is going to provide no threat whatsoever, except for when hounds come.
  5. I actually had three treeguards - two huge ones and one little one - spawn in the space of a single in-game day, so you better believe I found out if you can run from them or not. You can lead them onto pigs or tallbirds, whom will both attack a treeguard, and as the above poster explained, once they finish beating the hell out of the new threat they'll become neutral towards you. Now I ended up killing the two big treeguards after a couple of days because they'd decided to loiter around a nearby pig village and they were interfering with my recruitment drives, shall we say, but the little baby one was actually a fine neighbor to me and I even gave him a name. I lead him onto a tallbird and he hung around the nest killing it every time it respawned, meaning that I had fresh meat all the time. He was Treeguard Francis, the best neighbor ever. Unfortunately after a while he did wander a bit too close to my base and I couldn't really justify the risk. It's a bit like the saying, "A fed bear is a dead bear", except he was Treeguard Francis, and he went down pretty easily after having been repeatedly mauled by tallbirds for so long. I felt bad about it. ._. Oh well. I'm sorry, Treeguard Francis. It was for your own good. ;__;
  6. I finally feel like I'm learning to play this game properly. Now that I've got a couple of meat effigies going, we should be hunky dory for some very considerable time now, provided I don't do anything stupid.
  7. Wade, stop. Really. This is not a thing that is going to happen. We've explained why.
  8. I am all for this, especially when I'm trying to make circles of trees or bushes. I am also fairly OCD in my leanings and would kill for something that would make it easier for me to place neat lines and circles of things. ._.
  9. Updated OP again. Trade me a game and I'll throw in a free art commission.
  10. Fair point - have included a spare Dota 2 key and edited the OP to reflect this.
  11. So I've got this spare copy of Don't Starve and a spare Dota 2 sitting in my Steam gift inventory, was wondering if anyone wanted to trade for any of the following while the Steam Sales are on. I'm after any one of these: Street Fighter X Tekken Farming Simulator 2013 Little Inferno Primal Carnage All of these are currently discounted to some degree and on my Steam Wishlist, which you can see on my profile here. Now as a couple of other posters have pointed out, these are a bit more expensive than Don't Starve, but since I'm short of spare keys the only other thing I can offer is artwork commissions - complete a trade with me and I'll happily include a sketch of whatever the hell you want along with your Don't Starve and Dota 2 keys. I've got a couple of fanart threads on the boards here, but here's my recent commissions post on Tumblr if you needed to see my better work. Thanks!
  12. Literally I posted this and then someone gifted me the game I was after on Steam. How I delete thread?
  13. Kiting is like an effing martial art in this game, man. It's a skill. I'm still pretty bad at it but I'm learning. ._.
  14. That's my strategy, too. I've yet to ever die from actually starving and anytime anything happens to me it's because I've gone somewhere and done something stupid.
  15. That's good! If you want my advice, though, learn to draw some things for yourself. By copying other things, what you're learning to draw is symbols for things, if that makes sense, rather than actual things. If you learn to draw people from anime, for example, you'll draw a kind of shovel shape instead of a face, because that's the symbol anime uses, and you'll be super limited if you need to switch up the poses or angles at all. You won't know what shape an actual face is. You've got some line control there if you can copy things, so how about next time you try to draw something from your memory or from a moving study?