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  1. more like he suggests that it would be better for their bar to sell tequila and other stuff and people there get mad at him because they already heard it. I am not forcing anyone to sell tequila I don't even expect anyone to add my suggestions to game or read them. I am just shocked at the attitude I get for offering my help. Your exaggerated story doesn't exactly fit the situation. There is a difference between criticism and just giving mean answers with no feedback because you ran out of patience over something. According to your logic insulting people is criticism too so since this is internet maybe you should start insulting people as you like.
  2. By most you mean it covers 2 of them and I am sure you guys are so eager to defend the game. But it doesn't give him the right to talk like that for rest of the suggestions too. I would still suggest it even if I saw those posts there to underline that it is not a idea to give up yet. Because I know this would make the game way better. I am not obliged to read everything written about it first to give feedback or review or even comment on something. If you don't like it you just can leave the thread. I just wanted to help them with the game improvement because I wanted it to worth my and other people's money since they are selling it without even making it playable first. I am thinking that they run a low budget game and that is probably why they are not gonna add multiplayer too. I guess this was a wrong idea, have fun with your broken game and insulting opinions of new peope. I hope it turns out to be good but without multiplayer and attitude against new posters it will probably not.
  3. Seeds FTW

    Berries are the best option in my opinion. It is easier to collect them and it takes like 5 berries to fill up your stomach .
  4. Well they could make the bird don't come at all when the seed is right next to you if it is not gonna take the seed and fly away instantly. Not a good AI. And of course it is better than searching for a bird walking around. I can just leave my characterwith a seed right next to it and go to bathroom and when I come back there are 40 seeds on top of each other. What does hunger have to do with sleeping? Your hunger drains in time and no big deal it takesjust couple berries to fill it up. I explained why it is OP, read it again. Agains it is bad AI and needs to be fixed. It is obviously as evil as killing the pig yourself. Either that or remove krampus entirely. Bad AIs make game look bad. Tought luck or not It doesn't have anything to do with my suggestion. Even if I had 3 beehives I would suggest the same thing. I'm just suggesting dude, no need to give harsh and arrogant answers every time. You don't even care to explain why you are just being a prick. I have played multiplayer survival games and that is what kept people playing it. It is a huge addition to game and just wanted them to know.
  5. Hi, I ve been playing this game for a week now and I am at day 170s now and I can go to day infinite like this. I've died 5 times before that but they were because of the process of learning the game and testing my strength and unlocking stuff. I find this game too easy. I have like 10 meat effigy 30 pigfarms 20 turbofarms and all of the berries in the map are right next to me. I'm pretty much invincible at this point. So these are some suggestions and reviews that I came up with which could boost the gameplay; (sorry for wall of text) -You can put a seed on the ground right next to you and bird just comes to take seed and flies away instantly and leaves another seed. So you can get a lot of seed just like that. A bit overpowered. -Sleeping is overpowered. You can basically sleep anywhere without making a fire and even before hound attack. One of the things that needs to be fixed first in my opinion. Maybe there could be a cold bar in game so you have to sleep next to a fire. Or you automatically wake up in the middle of night if you slept in a dangerous place. -Making pigs kill each other and collecting their meat while they do that is a bit overpowered and it is one of the ways to cheat krampus. So make krampus be aware of this evil method maybe? -This one is more of a bug I think. There is spot where mammoths hang out and if you put something there it duplicates the item. I discovered it by accident, I dropped my dart there. Now I have infinite dart. I don't really complain though it helps me kill those annoying turkeys. Turkeys also don't run when little birds attack them. They might also need some fix -There was only 1 beehive in my map and 1 honeycomb. There is no way to get more honeycomb which prevents me from making a huge bee farm. Game needs more honeycomb, someway we should be able to get more than 1 by luck. -Nowadays I just stand there eat 5 cooked berries and sleep and repeat without even making fire. I just watch movie or do other stuff and I can just leave my character there, paying least attention. I just open it when I hear hound sounds or that sound when the night comes. What I am trying to say that it needs more random events, more unlikely cause of deaths to make it harder. That's all I can think of now, I hope devs could see it because I want this game to be better and more challenging. I love survival games. And one last suggestion; multiplayer option. So two groups can build their strenght and fight each other. Would be awesome. oh and one last thing, I hate pigs eating everything mandrakes, tallbird egg etc but it adds to the challenge so I'm okay with it.