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  1. Book of Monsters

    Yeah, I second what you say about everything being maxwell's minion being boring. But if I am going to give example entries, I'd need to make up what their background is, obviously. The idea of this was a suggestion that devs maybe could use it as a way to explain how people could counteract that animal next time or improve their defences against it as a means to improve without it becoming blatantly obvious, as well as a bit of background information. Not really to make up stories about it, otherwise this'd be a thread in art & lore. Hope this clears it up
  2. Book of Monsters

    Well, I could do entries, pictures however I probably can't do because I'm posting on a tablet and I have next to no practice on art.
  3. Book of Monsters

    I can imagine that. would be amazing.
  4. Book of Monsters

    Ah, ok. Still, I guess it could show the idea to folks who haven't seen it and refresh the idea to those who have seen it. I hope my interpretation of how it could be implemented was original enough. It was intended to be a little insight into the creatures of the world, for those people who like finding out about the background of games and the folks who like to 100% games.
  5. Hello, first time poster here. Didn't find anything to do with this in particular, so I decided to share my idea. I was thinking about how you could have a book telling you about the monsters in don't starve, and a little about them. Not a strategic guide, but more of a general overview of them. For example: Monster file/entry #67, Hounds Hounds are known to attack in packs, causing wounds with serrated, razor-sharp teeth. They usually howl before striking, probably a sign of a battle cry. Although many are black in colour, some may be orange-red, bursting into flames when slain. It is unknown whether this alternate colour shows gender or an authoritive rank. Nevertheless, they are dangerous and should be confronted away fro flammable objects. Not a very good entry, but I tried to make it sound more of a written down thing coming from one who has seen their behavior, and not a robot writing it. A sort of not breaking the fourth wall thing, if you get me. Then, prehaps, we could learn more about said monster's origins by collecting at least one of each of it's drops, only by killing said thing, and not killing, let's say, a spider in an attempt to get the one monster meat required to learn more about the hounds. So, an example on how this could work, again using hounds as an example: They are believed to be the pets of the devil only known as Maxwell, corrupted by the darkness of night. Obviously it'd probably be longer if it got in, but this is still just an example. But how would it be filled up, and where would it be? I think that it should be filled up when you kill or get killed by a mob, and it should be placed in a familiar fashion to the map ingame or on the main menu. Then, we have things that don't drop items or cannot be killed. Namely, the darkness at the moment as far as I know. It could be unlocked when everything else has been done completely done, but that seems generic and boring. How about when sanity gets included, getting killed by the darkness when fully insane could get you it? Just my two cents, and although this will probably not be included due to what It might possibly take to do it, and in the event it does it'd probably be a low priority, at least sharing ideas is what makes this sub fourm fun! Feel free to drop suggestions in!
  6. I feel that would work really well in sanity. Tops to you. I feel that you should be able to do it as a toggle, yes, but unless wanted to it should never go to full night by default. That'd seem cruel, but you never know keli...