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  1. Sweet. Good stuff. Can't wait to play as him.
  2. Is that Wilson as a lumberjack or is that a brand new character?
  3. Yes I agree the spider queen spawn rate need to be lower a bit, not at the rate of tree guard because those take a really long time to spawn but just a bit lower so that I don't encounter a spider queen every two nests or so. As of right now I already have a chest full of spider hats and counting and worst yet, I don't even use them. I've gotten to the point that once I killed a spider queen I just leave the spider hat where it is so there's no telling how many total I currently have. I find no purpose in equipping the spider hat (yes I know what it does when I wear it) because I like the combat aspect of fighting the queen and her minions.Also, if one of the developers happen to read this why can't I destroy an item I don't need or ever use? Like the spider hat for instance. I like it how we can throw everything in the science machine and let it destroy the item. It would be nice if I have an option to get rid of items I don't need, e.g. ash, beefalo horn, and spear just to name a few. I know the spear will be destroyed once its durability is used up but I get in the habit of crafting so many in preparation for a big fight with eradicating spider nests that I often find myself not using most of it. I also don't use it once its durability is about 50% so I craft another one. I have two chests full of beefalo horns that I never use once (I hunt a lot of beefalos, on day 300 some odd days). Eventually my base will be overwhelm with items I don't need just lying around.
  4. Regarding honey balance

    Ahh yes I forgot about that. Good thing trap doesn't require silk. Good point.
  5. Regarding honey balance

    I agree a lot of good recipes that heal and restore health are dependent on honey. The problem with honey is you have to put in a good amount of work to get it or farm it. There are plenty of recipes that restore hunger that you can readily make without much trouble, the problem is there aren't that many recipes that restore health without the need to invest in other materials before obtaining it. e.g. silk (for bug net for catching bees and butterflies, fishing rod for fishing) that you can only get by fighting spiders or destroying their nest but the problem is what if you are already low in health to begin with and need instant healing so fighting spiders to obtain materials to make healing food isn't an option. There aren't that many things on the ground that you can pick that can heal a significant amount of health to get you back in the fight. Sure you can pick carrots, flowers and berries but that is very time consuming and who's to say that you won't get killed by a monster or pack of hounds along the way. One solution that I've used is the dragon pie that restore 35 health and it only uses 1 dragon fruit and 3 twigs. Twigs are easy to find but dragon pie require farming and a random chance of the seed growing into dragon fruit. FYI, once you have dragon fruit don't use it all in crock pot. Save some and feed to a bird so that they can poop out dragon fruit seeds so that way you will have an endless supply of dragon fruit.But yeah I agree with you in that they should add in some food source that restore a good amount of health that doesn't require much investment during early game when it matters most. Early game can be very unforgiving and most deaths occur in early game when players have the least amount of supply/materials/food source/etc... Once you've build up your base camp with enough farms and bee box then you're pretty much set to survive for as long as you can.Source:
  6. Very well said Perpetual_Sin regarding winter.Winter in its current state is a ridiculously tough challenge. I find myself hunker down near the campfire about 90% of the time just to keep warm. I can't do anything nor venture out to find food because I don't have the Koalefant Trunk to make the Breezy Vest. All I can make is the Winter Hat. Gathering materials for crafting winter items is a bit difficult as finding the Koalefant takes time, especially if you aren't prepare ahead of time (playing through first winter) and if there aren't any Beefalo around then you're pretty much out of luck trying to survive winter. Winter feels like it's bringing the game back to its beginning stage when the beta began during which at night time all you do is hunker down near your campfire and doing nothing (just stand there waiting for day to come), which gets boring really fast (especially if you have to do it for so many days of winter). Now it's no different. Just stand near your campfire waiting for winter to pass but in the meantime you have to worry about finding food and defending yourself against hounds. To say that it's a challenge would be an understatement.This pretty much sums up winter:(1) You are prepared (you will survive)or(2) You are not prepared (frustration and anger before you die)If this is your first time experiencing winter and you're playing it fresh then you will most likely not be prepare for it. You won't have the food stocked and you won't have the materials to make winter clothing. The freezing damage is ridiculously fast once you venture far enough from your camp you will die literally in 20-25 seconds it seems, depending on how low your health is. Knowing this, the only way to combat winter is when you start a fresh new world you better gather all the necessary materials and stock up on food before winter hit otherwise you won't stand a chance. If I could change one thing I would make it so that crafting winter clothes wouldn't be such a chore. The materials needed to craft the clothes should be readily available to find so that we don't spend so much time wasted on finding one key ingredient and forget about other necessary survival things/activity.
  7. World Generation Needs Serious Work

    One, the OP you're referring to is the same person you've replied to and two, this is what forums are for. To voice our opinions and let the devs know what is good and bad so that they can make their decision on changing what they see fit. You would be surprise (or not) at how many times I've read replies like "you know this is still in beta" or something along that line almost in the sense of insulting the OP. If we all just keep our mouth shut and not voice our opinion then why have a forum that allow us to do such? This game would be nowhere near what it is today if not by the help of players like you and I and everyone else who is active in this community who voice our opinions on things that needs to be changed.My advice to you and anyone like you is the next time you see a question you deemed silly, noobish, or whatnot, just kindly respect their question and not say anything if you don't have anything nice to say or have any constructive criticism to add. Good day to you sir.
  8. Post your Winter Update weirdness!

    After the update my Koalefant disappeared from its wall enclosure. There is no opening so I don't see how it can vanished. So far that's the only weird thing I've noticed.
  9. LOL good stuff.
  10. Don't Starve Livestream: Long Live The Queen!

    Awesome! I love this game. Makes me feel like I'm almost living in a "real" world with so much options and things to do LOL. 10 out of 10 from me =) As long as the devs keeps on adding new contents I'll be happy. Heck, I'll pay more if it means seeing more contents.