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  1. Dupes in med bay lose all morale benefits and get extremely stressed ultra fast. That need to be corrected somehow, they got to 100% if treatment takes longer than one cycle, and then on top of slimelung their stress madness kicks in. Seriously, slimelung and hypothermia cause of stress vomiting. This is TOTALLY unacceptable in its current state.
  2. While they are ill, and after they recover, they totally ignore placebo pills, they just don't eat them at all.
  3. Recreation room not showing on morale bonus list. Its not giving any bonuses atm.
  4. I see the secret now is to not to max out every job possible on everyone. The way the game works, changed, the restart is most likely required. Stop asking for stress nerfs and try it with fresh dupes or new base. I took one new dupe and she is at -60% stress per cycle, pretty manageable if you ask me, even way to much, as it will remove all stress.
  5. I refined 40 tons of gold to make wires around the base, used some for tiles and power plants, I have 2700 kg refined left and 75000 kg that I can refine. But putting dupes on normal schedule with 3 squares of downtime seems to be not enough. They seem to accumulate stress rather quickly when you send them to work, even in exosuits. Need to start new world and see how that will play, but its the move in the right direction for sure. Maybe more dupes with more shifts with longer rest times will be better.
  6. The paintings and statues are poor decor items, metal tiles on the other hand make the decor rating skyrocket.
  7. They can work anywhere, but not all the time, just boost the morale with food. Now I can finally use the higher quality food for something.
  8. I see that even plants got morale now:D
  9. LOL. Constant 100% stress on everyone I like the stress change, but I have every important room and they still get around 15/24 morale and it still says low morale all the time. They ruined half base already and one or 2 died from stress vomiting, cause nothing was able to lower his stress levels:D I guess they finally all realized there is no way out and got into the dark pits of insanity. Best update ever. Totally made my day.
  10. They will just now cheat and pay on super computer instead of doing research
  11. Seriously if I just want to build most effective systems possible I have: Factorio SpaceChem Opus Magnum annnnnd many more incoming I want full fledged space colony management game. Guess I will finally have to bow down and get RimWorld, where colonist actually matter and are not just the digging/building tools.
  12. And I'm stating there is very little colony management in game, and dupes are more of tools than colonist you need to take care of. Current system that has only 2 stages - high/low proves that even more, you can just ignore morale till the very end, when you have the ability to provide everything, cause giving them a bit of something is not doing anything.
  13. The game i a bit lacking in the colony management part, even with the expressive upgrade, you can still ignore almost everything.
  14. The FPS on preview branch is always crap due to all debug stuff that is running in the background, the same map runs in whopping 10 fps on preview and then goes up to like 30 - 40 on normal branch. I can't figure out what is causing FPS drops on normal branch, but there must be some memory leak, the longer game runs the worse FPS gets.
  15. Ceramic tiles give the same amount of decor as granite tiles, I think ceramic should be a bit higher due to processing costs, something around 30% would be enough. So there is no middle ground to morale? Its either low or high with no neutral option? I have like 16 - 17 out of max 24 and it still says low morale, heh. So all or nothing I guess.
  16. This decor thingy is confusing, I get -20% stress per cycle from decor expectation and at the same time -1 to morale for ugly decor. This makes no sense whatsoever. Showers are still decoration, and dupes still love to live in total darkness.
  17. How does this work? Since they spend most of the time in industrial or wild areas. I see them crying about bad decor all the time.
  18. Low morale is +10% stress, its like nothing, you can just ignore those power hungry items and make more of those higher tier rooms. Not like it have any impact whatsoever on normal difficulty of the game.
  19. Why they are using massage tables during work time?
  20. Ladders near AETN are still eternal, but I can deconsrtuct AETN itself. The perfect world would be adding ability do deconstruct it so it drops some special part that gives us ability to construct it in other place.
  21. I see at the top number like 50k and minute later starvation alert kicks in, its totally misleading unless ou hover over it every now and then, but I would prefer just to see real number of food they can consume instead of number of all food and need to hover over it, to see if I need to start cooking.
  22. The one on top should show the stuff that they are allowed to eat, the list on the right should show every food item that is available. Right now you have the same information on the top and on the list, that's not needed.
  23. Can we stop adding not permitted food to kcal list at the top of the screen, its highly misleading, and all food is on edible list at the edge of the screen anyway.
  24. No need to bother, in my current base I just connected it all with Heavi-Watt Wire, by all I mean metal refinery, rest of the base in on standard 1kw wire, it can overload since all things connected by it need 3.5 kw, but they are never running at the same time.