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  1. Didn't kill even single rabbit in my 111 days game, they give only meat, and i can have plenty of meat from other sources. But if you just start the game without any research done, rabbits are good, but only until you unlock armor, helmet and spear, after that you can kill spiders, pigs for meat. Living on rabbits consumes too much time. Krampus??? That thing don't exist at all.
  2. If anything I would like good modding support than MP game.
  3. Some people can't stand spoilage of food with dignity:P
  4. Just eat that thing made with 4 berries in a crocpot and got from around 40 to full HP, nice:D
  5. Chester is to easy to find, new world day 10 and I have my moving chest. I can barely notice food spoilage, make it little faster, and add dry food, something like dried meat, fish that can last for very long time. New hunger buffer is to high IMHO.
  6. I also use Wilson, but now silk and tent will be more useful, and switching char one you get meat statue will be more useful, he is only there for meat statues, once you get few of them there is not much use for him.
  7. Maybe wait for update, and first try it out before whining how bad it is?
  8. Next step will be using rotten food to fertilize farmplots, so nothing would be wasted. I saw somewhere that food takes one week to spoil, and some crockpot cooked stuff will last even longer, so putting it in fridge will give you 2 weeks, that is long period of time. You can safely make supply of food for 2 weeks, its enough to wonder around and explore whole map. And current worlds are very easy, there is so much stuff there, that you could play it with 3 people and no one will run out of resources.
  9. You have the fridge then, also I never stacked tons of food, I always keep fully grown crops on farm plots, and cook some stuff for 2 days survival, stacking food was boring.
  10. How can you be worried about food spoilage when you have new character that takes no penalty from it? I hope that moving chest wont attack enemies and it wont be attacked by them.
  11. Any bug fixes to the new world generation system in this update?
  12. Right there is nothing to do in game after 50 days. After that time i had explored whole map, and build good base, there was nothing more to explore, and things that happen in game are the same. They will add more things to the game Soon. Game needs more stuff for late game, and a lot of new weapons/magic, some random events changing the world. Worlds could be bigger, they are too small for me right now. Game will change, but still not sure if it will be worth trying to survive for 300+ days, cause after i unlock everything and explore whole world i get bored, sitting in base is not what i like to do most of the time, and that is current late game.
  13. 331 days and only one base? Why? After 100 days i got one base near Pig King and next one near Beefalos, both with meat statues.
  14. When trailer for 15.01 update will show up? Its getting late here...
  15. I used all pig skins for helmets, but now I will use flutes to put everything to sleep, and then kill one by one.
  16. I don't have any pig skin left time to invest in pan flute, lots of them.
  17. Just managed to kill them, but I lost log suit and Football helmet in the process, it was mad running to swamps and around spiders nests, if they attack me at night in that amount I will be dead.
  18. When you cut a tree it drops some Pine Cones. Can you make those Pine Cones grow into a new tree if left on the ground for some time? I really don't pick them at all. It would be cool if they also grow in a tree when left on the ground for some time, without me planting them. It will give me some choice, i can gather them and plant, or leave them on the ground in random spots after cutting a tree, and still get some trees from them. Also it would keep my my clean.
  19. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Tree Guardian - no fire animation. Steps to reproduce Spawn Tree Guardian Make a Campfire Add fuel to Campfire until it says: "this fire is getting out of hand' Lead Tree Guardian into a Campfire Describe your issue After recent patch, you can't see fire on Tree Guardians when you light them up.