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  1. 1 hour ago, Muche said:

    It looks to me that its purpose is to allow mods to easily change how much sanity is gained during the day in the forest (zero in unmodded game).

    Are you saying that this light check is duplicated and there is another place somewhere in the code that does the same?

    Mods can easly change whole function or whole component via componentpostinit, the



    along with the day check is relic of the past, in the first update with sanity, player was ganing sanity during the day phase without any items, that was later removed, but the variabke and day check is still there.

    Its not character specific as if you change the SANITY_DAY_GAIN all characters will get day sanity bonus.

    And if I'm right here the day check is not needed at all, since you are getting right values from


    I did some quick testing today and sanity was calculated correctly, on the surface and in caves.