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  1. How to use other directory than default with dedicated server? In the past I could create bat file with command to load/run server that is on other drive and ot in default directory. How to do that now, since I don't remember the old commands and can't find them anywhere? So if anyone knows hot to actually run server from different directory by using -persistent_storage_root <AltPersistentStorageRoot>, -config_dir <AltConfigDir> please let me know how to do it. If I use those commands server can't find the token and can't write to location even if every required file is there and its still searching folder Cluster_1 for some reason. Why this idiotic server adds /Cluster_1/ to the path I provide to search for files? Obviously there is no such folder there. What this supposed to be? Can't even run stupid server from the location I want to run it cause nope. I wonder what was so wrong with previous implementation that it was changed to piss people off, without any documentation and a way to run stupid server in a damn folder without the whole hard coded folder structure that needs to be followed.
  2. Didn't try to assign to the dead, but they show on the list if not buried.
  3. Teleporter can be assigned to a dead duplicant if not buried.
  4. Well, I don't believe you do that anymore. To much success to care about playerbase anymore, but that wont get you anywhere in the long run.
  5. This is still only half solution for totally artificial problem that exists only in this game. Why it has to throw a meteor shower every 10 minutes is beyond me, the whole space biome is totally wrong. They just picked wrong direction with space biome and bunker stuff that can't be destroyed. Not only there is no other danger/risk, but now you can just ignore the last bit of it that possibly could make some stuff happening on the map without your intention.
  6. You would just produce insane amounts of glass, that is also hot and also needs to be stored somewhere, so it does nothing to whole problem.
  7. Need force filed projectors that would just burn down any incoming meteors to dust, or any other device in similar fashion, that would actually make space biome usable without the constant need to clean solar panels rockets stations and so on. Otherwise its just still the same old good sand sweeping simulator. Also needs some gameplay, as currently there is nothing to do once you get to exosuits and wait for steel production to catch up. Mid game is non existing and end game is not in there as well.
  8. Its not a typo of any sort its ultimate end game stuff. End game consists of you sweeping million tons of regolith, cause there is really no other content that could cover it up, not to mention proper end game stuff.
  9. I guess I could do something more productive, then again I don't care enough to do so. I like the concept of this game, like with many other games those days, it all ends there, since execution is another thing and its usually bad, like in this case. I should just finish Octopath Traveler instead of checking here, as I know nothing will change.
  10. They had a vision. Every time when they updated the game with part of the vision the forums were exploding with whining how it is to hard etc, so they were reducing difficulty. Its the same case every time. Now germs are irrelevant, making a stable colony is trivial, so there is nothing here to have fun, beside some highly optional content like sending rocket into space and getting a cow. If you are new to the game the its fun, but after few hours its pretty much dead. I played my share of hours in it and since the difficulty is so low I have nothing more to do in it. It only took over 140 cycles to reduce immunity of ONE of my colonists to 1% on hardest difficulty settings. Seriously I'm done with this game, as it seems they are incapable of producing something that would last longer than few hours, and would have decent difficulty level to keep me playing.
  11. First there need to be some game, here we are dealing with interactive screen saver. Like usual Klei decided to water down every aspect of the game, so it would be more accessible to the masses, for fun and profit. Fun times, everything need to be simple and easy or kids will poop on it otherwise. Minecraft is not enough for kiddos thsoe days I guess.
  12. So we need to wait another month to maybe get randomized star map (maybe), more engines and what not (maybe). And more space animals, coming up next space frogs that can live only on special plants, but those plants only live on liquid hydrogen so you will have to fill your map with power generators to cool down hydrogen to get some frog meat. Can't wait for that.
  13. Nothing will change. It will only get worse, without proper modding support this game is dead, as I don't see Klei making anything for few people that find the game to easy. Anyway there is no point to this, I'm leaving this game for now, and will check on it after they finally figure out what game they want to make.
  14. I can build big room with gas vent and store gas there instead of researching 150kg gas tank. The gas and liquid tanks are like totally early game stuff, could be good to prevent wasting hydrogen, and should be on research tree and game time in that area when you set up your first electrolyzer, I don't have any use for them in late game whatsoever. Not to mention the actual storage space they have. You can build every system without them like usual with a bit of automation. Also nothing really happens in this game, you just build stuff and survive. Germs are totally irrelevant, finally after 141 cycles on hardest setting the immunity of ONE of my duplicants reached 1%. After you set up exosuits you can pretty much do whatever you want on entire map without any risk whatsoever. So this is just ultimate time waster instead of having fun and some EVENTS.
  15. No seriously gas and liquid tanks are still on the top of research tree. Meh, no point. Will just get Rimworld at the end of the month.
  16. I don't play it, it went down the drain at least for now. I admit it still has some potential left but given the current direction of development I doubt it will be anything more than pretty screen saver.
  17. On top of useless additions and annoying changes nobody asked for. Pretty much right.
  18. I bet its less than temperature to melt reed fiber and mushrooms:P
  19. Yea. Whats the point of them if I can use high pressure vent in a room, and I can make the room as big as I want so adding storage with them to the same area is not needed as space is never an issue.
  20. Did they move reservoirs a bit down in the tech tree? If they are still on top of the tech tree, then I wont even bother with them no matter how much gas/liquid they are able to store.
  21. You just don't bother with space cows if you don't have chlorine vent on the map. Its just situational content. Seems like main source of power will be hydrogen and petroleum. Also they need to add other use for gas grass, not everyone wants to keep cows. I want my dupes to live on grass diet.
  22. Seriously gas reservoir needs to be on research tree before high pressure vents, after that I can just slap a room with high pressure vent and liquid lock as usual.