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  1. I was thinking of wearing it in your armor slot so you are more vulnerable so you are taking a risk when using it. Yeh, I know about the out of bounds bug, I just wanted a hot fix item so we don't have to lose our precious loot
  2. This item picks up every loose item in an area around your character and puts it into you inventory and degrades when used. Expensive to craft e.g 10 gold 2 rope and loses 10% durability after every use. This will solve the items out of bounds problem, will help gathering resources and if you happen to die in the middle of a spider infested area, it will no longer be impossible to recover your dropped items. Worn the same as the other amulet so you cant wear a log suit while trying to use the amulet. Any thoughts?
  3. Sorry I didn't phrase it properly, I meant that the current system should be changed so that you get a fruit and a seed per harvest. Since in real life not all fruits harvested will be edible due to pests etc, so you can still use the seeds from the unusable fruits. Also I meant that the random birds that appear everywhere should only drop the seeds rarely but feeding the the caged bird will still drop seeds normally.
  4. Every time you harvest a plant you get a fruit and a seed, you can also feed the fruit to the caged bird for additional seeds. With this you can control how many seeds you can get. I reckon the birds should only rarely drop a seed so its more of a valuable loot than pocket stuffing. With the crock pot you have to discover the formulas first before it is listed and it will only then show up if you have the required ingredients in your inventory.
  5. Currently the pathway to a farmer is way too easy with seeds practically thrown at your feet wherever you go. Why not have the plants grow in the wild and you have to search and collect the fruit to harvest the seeds or dig up the plant and plop it in your farm. The wild plants grow as if they were on turbo farms so you wouldn't want to always dig them up straight away. The wild plants will bear fruit everyday unless an animal has eaten it or it is winter. Dug up plants will only bear fruit as fast as the type of farm they are planted in and must be fertilized as normal while plants grown from seeds will need to be replanted after every harvest. Maybe have a farmer character where all seeds grown don't need to be replanted. With the crock pot it is tedious to always drag each individual item to the pot. Why not have a drop down menu like science machine of all the recipes you have discovered and with any possible combinations available depending on whats in your inventory.
  6. Yeh I guess you are right, it does seem like too much development time for a little difference. But it's nice to dream.
  7. I like the fact that the Pigmen are personalized by having their own names, so I thought why not make it a step further and give them families. Pig houses in the wild come with a Pigman with pants and a Pigwoman with a skirt and a red ribbon on her tail. During the day the Pigman will be wandering about looking for food and the the Pigwoman will be inside the home. When dusk comes the Pigwoman will emerge out of the house and call out to her Pigman that its home time. If the Pigman has died and does not come home, the pigwoman will be sad and will from that day on mope around her house. She will lose her skirt due to neglect. But if both the husband and wife survives, after a few days a Pigbaby will be born. This time during the day the Pigwife will be out of the house caring for the baby. She will act like a Tall bird around their nested egg and if the baby is killed by a creature, she will pursue them to the ends of the earth till one of them dies. If the PigWife dies the husband will also be sad and mope around the house and lose his pants due to neglect. Some time later the Pigbaby will grow to an adult either a Pigman or a Pigwoman neither having pants or skirts. The Pig family will not spawn another baby until their child has found its own home. The new adults will wait around and they will create their own clothing over a period of time but a player can give them the items to speed the process. A Pigman must have pants and a Pigwoman must have a skirt before they are eligible to be a family and only one of them must have a home. When the Pigman has pants he will then go straight to the nearest skirted Pig widow and start a family. Otherwise he will go to the nearest unoccupied house claim it then go straight to the nearest single skirted Pigwoman, bring her back to his house and the cycle begins again. I think this seems more natural than a pig spawning out of a house. There is more meat available but there is also the guilt of breaking a family apart to get some sweet bacon. And their will be more loot types from these three creatures and cosmetic options with clothes. Also it gives the game life as you can come across a Pig couple on their way to a new home to start a family, do you slaughter them for the loot or let them on their way?
  8. Picture Tinkerbell but a bit smaller size than as the player. The wood nymph glows pink like the fireflies contrasting with the trees to easily spot in the daytime. These creatures only appear in woodland biomes and can only travel a set distance from tree to tree. When you see them they will be happily frolicking around a tree. They will entice you with promises and gestures to approach them. As you inspect them one of four things will happen: 1. You will get a kiss restoring your hp or a portion of it then they disappear. 2. They will offer you a wooden harp which they fuse themselves with. (or maybe the player offers a harp to the wood nymph found in the graveyards.) This chance will lower or not occur at all if there is an unused harp on the map. On use the wood nymph will burst out destroying the harp and attack any hostile enemies. If there are no trees around to latch unto they will die instantly. They will fight to the death and if there are no more enemies they will disappear into the woodlands. 3. The wood nymph is actually a wicked nymph in disguise. The wood nymph turns into an evil version with a blood red glow. They will consume a portion of your health and begin to chase you. Can be killed or will stop chasing if the player runs away from the trees. 4. The wood nymph will laugh at you and disappear. Imagine you are being chased by hounds or worse, with low health and your armor busted. Then you see a nymph in the distance. Are you willing to take a chance on a possibility of aid or the risk of another enemy?