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  1. Again, this is just an idea, can easily be tweaked for good balence
  2. As much as I feel I don't want to make this into an "RPG", I recently had an idea of a form of "leveling up" in the game. While we do have a level up system already in the game, it only gives you a character, one you may not ever use. Please note that i'm not saying that this level system should be removed. Now my idea. Every 10 days you survive or so, (I originally thought 5, but I figured that it would break the game) you "level up", this allows you to spend a single point in one skill. They are: Toughness - Permanent +10 Health Belly - Permanent +10 Hunger Fisticuffs - Harder melee hits Marksman - Harder ranged hits Hard Worker - Work faster (Chopping, picking, digging, etc.) Athletic - Run faster Feedback would be greatly appreciated!