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  1. No, I just created a new world and it said, "would you like to try testing version?" So I clicked yes not knowing what would happen...
  2. The main thing that bothers me about DS: NO SWORD! Why don't they have a sword? That is one of the main tools/weapons in any adventure/survival game. Like: Minecraft ,Terraria, ect. That is all I could think of at the moment, but you get the point. -HolyMan504
  3. Dear, Dandytard The word of "Don't Starve" is already a magical place. In the real world today there aren't any spells that let you revive your self. There aren't any beefalo, house making pigs, or even tall birds. The idea of a transportation system is great! Your cave system idea was wonderful! I think both systems should be added to the game in future updates. -HolyMan504
  4. The spear is a extremely well crafted weapon, but there is one problem that confused me: you can't throw it. In the next update, 3 days, if you can please squeeze the idea in if you guys like it. -HolyMan504
  5. O.K. Maybe it needs a few adjustments. It could cost: 20 Gold, 12 planks of wood, and 5 flint. The ammunition could be rocks,seeds, or sliver.(For the were-piggys.)
  6. There should be a flink-lock pistol using: 2 flint 4 stone and 1 board This would come in handy with hunting birds,spiders,bees,rabb... dee... the rabbit like things... -HolyMan504