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  1. Syd: Thank you! That is exactly the kind of thing I was hoping for. I can see not wanting to deal with the server issues when updating (after dealing with it in Minecraft and KSP it's completely understandable, heh) I am content with getting a standalone version after the game is released, especially since I understand the reasoning. Yay!
  2. I have a response to the statement about Steam but as I said I don't want to start a Steam discussion in this thread. I am aware of this option and noticed there was a copy available for torrent the day after the most recent update. But that's not the point here; I want to encourage games being available to play independently of logging in online at all, let alone third-party programs/companies. Really the only way I can do this is to ask, and to 'vote with my money', so to speak. If I buy a game that does things I do not want I am essentially making it more likely that I will have to put up with those things more in the future. It may be a small effect just by myself, but the other option is doing nothing (which I am not content with), and I know there are others who feel the way I do.
  3. I don't use Steam. (I'm not looking to start another "why steam is good/bad conversation, nobody needs that; I just don't use it.) I'd gotten the impression I could download Don't Starve and play it by itself. After I bought it I was surprised to learn, when looking for a version I could download and just play, that there is not one available. I either have to go through Google or Steam, I can't just play it from my computer. If I'd known this, I probably would not have bought the game. I'm requesting a standalone version that I can download once, and play from my computer without needing to connect to Google's app store (or start up Steam, or anything else where the game is shackled to another service). I really, really dislike having games I have paid for being chained to other programs/services. I'm tempted to ask for a refund and revocation of my license, especially since I'm also trying to get away from Google's services. So yeah, my suggestion/request is a standalone version of the game. Thanks for taking the time to read it.